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  1. I'm not sure that Simms and Orvis found that it doesn't spread invasives. It's much more likely that they found most people wont buy the rubber until their state outlaws the felt soles. I've been using the rubber soles for a few years. While they don't work as well as felt in the water, they are better for the hikes and are easier to clean. If there is snow you have to walk through, then the rubber soles are much better than felt. I don't think they are as bad as everyone says once you get used to them, and if they slow down the spread of whatever invasive it's worth it to me. (btw, that is only my view and I am not trying to convince anyone else)
  2. Steve, I just bought a pair of the chrome boots, but I have had the Guide boot with the boa laces for about 4 years now with no problems. I love the boa laces and would never buy boots without them now. You should really give them another shot, they are especially nice in the winter when laces freeze and loosen up. It's nice to be able to quickly get the frozen waders and boots off at the end of the day. Stan
  3. Wow, that looks like a good place to spend some time.
  4. Thank JOAT, I will have to check it out.
  5. I have the super fat cat and love it. Mine does have a leak that I need to fix before soft water shows up. With the backpack straps it is very easy to hike into the lakes. It inflates quickly and doesn't weigh a ton. I would buy another one without hesitation.
  6. Joat, We did a few when we lived in Maine, mostly with the Scouts. It never crossed my mind here, but now I'm thinking it sounds like fun. Is there a link to your groups site? Or where are they located? I know you live down on the peninsula, but are there many up in the big city? Stan
  7. Wow, that's a great idea. I never though of using one note. I put all of the patterns I find into a word doc and convert it to PDF's on drop box, along with any articles I want. I have a spreadsheet for the material inventory that also syncs with my iPhone. I will have to look into moving it all to one note now.
  8. stanbiker

    I Phone Apps

    I like the Orvis app for the knots I don't tie often (or more importantly, for my son). I also enjoy the podcasts, but you can use the iPod app for those. It does have links to state regulations as well, but if you are fishing in Alaska you want to read them well before you hit the water. The app I use the most is FishHead. It gives river info and weather. It's nice to check to see if the river is blown out before you drive 100 miles!
  9. Welcome JOAT, There are a few of us from AOD on here. If you are ever driving North, you should stop in for one of George's tie and lies at 3 rivers on Saturday mornings.
  10. Alaska is not as expensive as I imagined before I moved here, unless you go to the remote rivers with guides and lodges. A lot of really good fishing is available on the road system. You will have company, but the scenery and the fishing is still unbelievable.
  11. I like the new format. Thanks Will for all the hard work. Someone mentioned a mobile version. Is there one for the iPhone? Thanks
  12. They work well for trout here as well. (and grayling), but as you have already heard.....people either love them or hate them. I like my fly rod, and it's usually the only rod I use, I have no problem using the beads. When the trout are keyed into eggs, it's either beads or glo bugs, and whats the difference, really? Personally, I'd rather see 100 fly rods with beads than 1 guy with the braided line and treble hooks. At least the bead fisherman usually release them. (legal or not....) Oh, and btw Freak.....the drunk guys here don't use Zebco's. That's what braided line and treble hooks are for :wallbash:
  13. After loosing a couple of leaders, I stopped using the braided mono connectors as well. Now, I just nail knot a piece of 20# or 25# mono to the fly line and tie a perfection loop in the end of the mono. For nail knots, rather than buy the tool, I use a large darning needle. It's cheap and easy to carry with you, and no big deal if you loose it.
  14. Received mine today! Really nice everyone, and thanks for hosting!
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