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  1. Beautiful flies and very well displayed. I love the labeling and matt color you chose, it matches the fly colors pefectly. I hope you start tying again soon, your entries are missed.
  2. I used to tie commercially for the hook and hackle company located in pennsylvania and I order a lot through them though certainly not exclusively.He's been around forever (at least 15 years) Here is their site...www.hookhack.com/ Their prices are awesome, the selection of materials is great and the owner is really good about getting the material you need when you tell him what your trying to accomplish with it. I use Stockard's, Cabelas, Mcfeathers and others as well. But you often have to shop around...especially when it comes to capes which often sell out during the trout season or you need a specific material one shop carries but another doesn't. The key to online shopping is to get to know the owner of the place, make sure he's knowledgeble and honest because you have to depened on their eyes and knowledge in selecting quality materials or materials suited to what you want to try to accomplish.
  3. Chase Creek apparently added his comment while I was writing mine. He gives great advice. And he's right, when you get right down to it.... all a vice does is hold the hook so you can work on the fly with both hands. The key is some caq handle greater size ranges of hooks, some are easier to open/close/adjust the jaws, not important if your tying a few flies but very important if your tying dozens. And some hold a hook more firmly than others. Use several, then pick one that your comfortable with.
  4. I have had several vices, what i'm using now is the HMH standard and the Regal. The regal is great, squeeze the lever which opens the jaws and insert hook.... no adjustments to make because the regal jaws always remain closed and under tension. The downside (and what happened to me) was I was tying a small #18 fly and didnt seat the hook well in the jaws. The jaws "squeezed" the hook out which pinged across the room which caused the jaws to snap shut and chip a piece off the jaw... still useable but not what it was. I just got the HMH and havent had a chance to use it a lot but like what it's done so far. And yeah, haven't tried one, but i've heard a lot of good things about the Dynaking.
  5. Fish, like lizards, alligators, snakes, and frogs have simple brains lacking in frontal lobal area. As well being cold blooded their brains don't function as quickly as mammals in processing actions.Their brains lean more toward the simpler stem and base which doesn't allow for a lot of planning ability. It's not the strokeing but brain position which causes the trance. When a cold blooded animal has it's brain set at an upward angle, such as an alligator or lizard upside down or in the case of a fish, laying at the angle most banks have it causes the same effect as the wrestleing hold called the sleeper causes on humans. The brain is overloaded with blood createing the trance like sleeping state. Basic motor skills eventually kick in (usually) which prevents death of the animal from asphyxiation of the brain. Does this load of bull sound pretty good? I tried to make it sound as official as possible :hyst:
  6. Don't do it guys, I had my cat done, now he just sits on top of the TV and stares at me with those horizonal pupil snake eyes of his... just glareing, i'm afraid to sleep at night wow, to quote me in this context is completely random. I wonder what this person is smoking? I must be missing the humor on this hijacked thread. Ooops. sorry flyDology, I had meant to reply to the ribbing that John was giving Bud but I clicked on the wrong reply to this thread. See Bud's reply above yours.
  7. Don't do it guys, I had my cat done, now he just sits on top of the TV and stares at me with those horizonal pupil snake eyes of his... just glareing, i'm afraid to sleep at night
  8. Wow, there is someone out there that really exsists that would do something like that? I thought they had imprisoned all of those in the states of Alabama, Georgia and in the more mountainous regions here in Tennessee. That is definitely not a man who thinks a plan through is it? It's probably a good thing for him that breathing is involuntary and not requireing concious thought :hyst: He's lucky he wasn't disembowled.
  9. I got a little confused with your hook description. But if my hook is facing with it's eye to my right in my vice the left side of the hook is the one facing away from me and it gets the right side of the feathers with the right side of the feather being as described in your post. In other words... the ends of your married wing pointed at an upward slope and the wing on that side put together upside down when building it. But.... I have seen them tied occasionally as right feather is left on the hooks and tips of wing on hook facing downwards.. both on salmon flies and tradtional wet trout flies. Whoa, I hope that came out right.... that made me confused :hyst:
  10. Hi Kay, Great flies, it's refreshing to see some "working flies" in the forum for a change. Nice job
  11. Great fly and nicely done. I love the colors. I'm not familiar with the pattern, is that one you came up with? Oh.... nice silk work also... especially on the tag
  12. Great fly Paul, you set the cotinga beautifully, flat as a pancake. Did you tie it on your new vise?
  13. Hi Jacar, Glad you joined and i'm sure any here will be glad to help. We have some really great people here and many very knowledgeble ones. Some of them are world class tyers so any questions you have about tying i'm sure can be answered by someone.Welcome aboard and looking forward to hearing more from you. Carl
  14. That looks a lot better than my first fly Logy!! My first fly was so ugly when I threw it out it came back and hit me in the eye... the &^%%$ fish had thrown it back! Its common for beginners to have tail feather rotate at first. Try what's called a "loose loop". Holding the feathers on top of the hook shank with your one hand bring your first loop of thread around but dont pull it tight, instead keep it loose and lightly pull it straight down instead of trying to wrap, this will secure the feathers on top. The second wind you can wind as normal.
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