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  1. Starting to get into some dry flies and have found the split wing using grizzly tips a bit f a pain to tie in. Is this there for any purpose other than a hit of an indicator to us. Would leaving them out be incorrect? Thanks
  2. Anyone fishing trout tried something like this? Thanks
  3. Anyone fishing trout tried something like this? Thanks
  4. So... I am planning on building a vice/tool and material holder to sit on my desk and was wondering at what height do some of you who tie lots have their desk, their chair and how high off the desk is their vice? Just trying to plan out how i mount my c clamp vice to this table top thinger that im going to build Thanks
  5. Hey there I started tying in June of this year First fly was a simple San Juan worm This is a pic of a stun I tied in the first month This is my most recent ties. Chironomids and a lady McConnell
  6. Have a a cabin on a lake close by... which to all standards is not fly fishable (very large and deep resovoir) However after some careful observation there is a decent amount of surface action on a shoal close by... After throwing every dryfly in my box (not alot of stillwater patterns) I did some googling and decided to give this fly a go.. The Lady McConnell Fly (the adult chironomid) Will see this spring if this solves my dilemma (lake walking distance from cabin....cant catch any fish) Cheers First attempt at this fly... anyone have any good ideas to improve?
  7. Green and Gold Chironomids sz 12,14,16 cheers
  8. these are all within my first dozen of cj's any advice would be great.. the first two I i tied caught a few fish on the weekend including a nice 12" cutt from a small creek. One thing i have noticed vs pics and store bought is my wire wrap is not as smooth any hints there? And heres the cutt Thanks for the help
  9. what do you guys think should i trim the hackle?
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