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  1. The Veevus threads are about the strongest per diameter you can find unless you go with the nano or gelspun threads. I have no problem with 10/0 veevus on those patterns. That said, I should tell you that I no longer use any "fly tying" threads at all. I have switches to Gutermann Skala (a polyester sewing thread,) for all my tying. The 240 size works just as well for me as 10/0 veevus. Not quite as thin, but thin enough.
  2. I use the Nor-vise system which spins at a much higher speed than almost all the rotary vises. I also have a Dyna-King Sidewinder, it will spinn but not nearly as fast as the Nor-vise. I can apply dubbing along the thread with either of these vises. The Sidewinder is long out of production, and Dyna-King has nothing link it now. With a standard vise, applying dubbing is best done with either a split thread or a dubbing loop, then you can simply spin the split thread with the bobbin, or a dubbing spinner for a loop of thread. I also have an older Regal and I have no problem tying larger streamers on that.
  3. Shoe goo is the same material as fleximent, and both are thinned with Xylene. Xylene needs to be used in a well ventilated area, and avoid breathing the fumes. For that reason it isn't a popular. There IS a faster drying alternative now from Gorilla Glue. Its called contact cement, and also can be thinned with Xylene, but the tack free drying time is about 10 to 15 minutes. Still needs a longer full cure before using.
  4. I have about 10 more years of tying, and am another OOOOLD guy. Welcome. You will soon catch up since I haven't been doing much tying the last few years. I have a 5000 fly stockpile to use up.
  5. I am a dinosaur, and proud of it, but I tie on much newer vises than most of these. I got my My Nor-vise from Norm at a show in SLC. It's just like the one pictured above, but I snapped the adjustment wheel in the jaws. When I called Norm he said he could send me a wheel, but I wanted to get the post drilled for a gallows tool, but I wanted to get my original parts back. Norm then drilled the post, and replaced the wheel. Before he sent it back he called and offered to upgrade the arbors to the new brass arbors. I said go ahead, and while your at it sell me the fine point jaws and arbors. I got all my old parts and the new parts PLUS a new set of standard jaws. No way I am giving up on my Nor-vise. I started on a Thompson A (my dad's,) , my first "up-grade" was to a Thompson Pro, then a few others, finally a Renzetti Traveler. I have since traded off that but I still collect a few vises here and there. I have a Dyna-King Sidewinder (now discontinued,) and a Regal Inex. The only one I use is the Nor-vise. ALL less than 30 years old, so still young.
  6. I second the MFC hooks from Dream Drift Flies, been using them for about 12 years, and never have had a problem. They have a few styles that I can't find elsewhere. Recently Hook & Hackle has been selling off ALL fly tying material and hooks at 50% off. They might be well picked over by now, but give them a try. Hook & Hackle carries Mustad, and TMC, plus their own shop brand.
  7. I have ordered supplies for both fly tying. I used up my third Partridge Skin, and got another along with 300 hooks. Then I ordered more watercolor paint, and plan on getting more. Currently have 4000 trout flies, and well over 1000 Saltwater patterns stashed away. I have spent the last few months trying to recover my painting stroke. By the time we can access the beaches, I will have to recover my casting stroke.
  8. Mike is not the only one who uses sewing thread, I have for more than 10 years. I started using Gutermann Skala for trout flies, and Gutermann Bulky Nylon for Saltwater and Bass flies. The only other thread I use is monofilament line. So far, I have not been Red Carded.
  9. utyer


    I just picked up both flour and corn tortilla shells. Going to be making my own for the next two weeks. Might do some smothered burritos in there too.
  10. Doesn't cost me a dime. Free in Florida and I paddle my own kayak, or walk the beach. While my buddy was getting his out of state tag last year, I got my lifetime fresh, salt hunt and fish licence from the county office.
  11. I just got back from my local Aldi's. No TP, no hand sanitizer, but pretty much everything else was in stock. I wore 2 neck gators, since all I have are painting masks, and surgical gloves. Many others were also wearing masks. I sprayed alcohol on the cart handles, and used my own Disinfecting Wipes to wipe it down. Aldi rents carts for a quarter, which you get back when you put the cart back (for those not familiar with the store,) they also encourage using your own reusable bags. I have a collection of canvas bags, these days, I take the cart out to the care to load the bags. I get in and out quickly. Its been more than 2 weeks since I had to shop, and we should be good for another 3 weeks or more. Being in the "geezer group," we are taking no chances. For those who think this is some sort of hoax, try telling that to those among the 46,000 confirmed cases and the families of the 600 dead patients. Be prudent and smart in your activities, if you don't care about yourself, that's OK, but think of the others who could be affected by this.
  12. Dismantling old computers was part of a previous job. I salvaged a lot of parts, the data on the drives is the only thing we were really destroying.
  13. I think you mean 3 February 2020, but I already have more than I need from a previous life as well.
  14. Looks like the very first fly rod I had back in 65. Mine was in pretty shad shape then and rather than restore it, I found some old bamboo sections, and rebuilt those into a "new" rod. Very nice job on that one. I have done a few that old, but no longer do any but by own rods.
  15. Michael's is only about 2 miles from me, so I get all my foam from them. Problem with Walmart is they usually only have assortment packs. of 6 by 9" sheets. Many color you may not use. Michael's sells a 12 by 18" sheet of 2mm for about a buck, and you can get the colors you want. It's even cheaper with a coupon. ALWAYS use a coupon when shopping at Michael's or Joann Fabrics.
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