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  1. Welcome to the site. Born and learned to fish in New York. Fished the Adirondacks (Indian Lake,) as a kid in the early 50s. Now I fish rivers in Idaho, in summer, and Florida most of the year.
  2. You can get very good pricing from Sierra Trading on-line for Rio, Cortland Scientific Angler CLOSEOUT lines. Not all lines in all sizes, but less than $30 buck on some. For the past three years I have been using lines from Maxxon Outfitters both in fresh and saltwater. They are working out very well, and prices at half what premium lines go for.
  3. Here are a few more of the places I have put foam to work for me. I have about 25 fly boxes that use recycled foam. All the canisters are recycled plastic containers. The two foam cup cozies, were found in a yard sale for 25 cents.
  4. Some people may not remember my previous post about my tying area and setup. While the desk has gone through several revisions over the last few years, the space is still the same. I am a "Closeted" Fly Tyer. Started out with a lot less storage, as you can see from the last image. I have improved the lighting and made the tying desk transportable.
  5. One half of my New Year's Resolution is completed. The cleanup and adjustments to the layout, took me most of 2 days. Now if I can only keep it this way. I have new lighting ordered from Amazon which will remove the clutter of all the different small lamps. Even got a fly tied after I was done with the re-organization.
  6. Great book, but I already have this one. Had the opportunity to pick Charles' brain on several of his visits to our shop. Learned a lot from him and his books.
  7. When I worked in IT, I had an endless supply of those foam blocks. I put them into various configurations as tool holders, and fly dryers Right now my desk is in flux, as soon as I am finished re-organizing and cleaning up, I will post a few pictures. I also use the thinner sheets and make liners for fly boxes.
  8. I find used for almost every feather on a Pheasant skin. The tail feathers can simply be clipped off at the base, and then washed and smoothed out to dry. A full skin would need to be scraped, salted or boraxed, and dried. I alway keep my "game" feathers in ziplock bags with a couple of mothballs for a few weeks before putting any of that material in with my other feathers.
  9. I was just about to say that the package arrived today. Six days two of which were Sunday and a Holliday, is pretty fast. I did get a few cards that were mailed on the 16th of last month, and that for first class mail was pretty slow.
  10. I linked fine, and downloaded the article without any problem. Thanks for sharing.
  11. In the last 8 years, I have tied thousands of Saltwater flies. I use 3 different vises, a Nor-vise, a Dyan-King, and a Regal. These are listed in order of preference (to me,) age, and price. They are OLD, which means they have withstood the test of time. To me a vise should last at minimum 10 years. My Nor-vies is now 30 years old, the Dyna-King Sidewinder is 20 years or more, and the Regal is about 10 years old. They all hold hook in the ranges of sizes up to 5/0. In the price range you are looking at the Regal is closest. The currant crop of Regal Medallion vises are about 220 to 320 depending on the jaws and vases you select. I have done some tying on the Peak vises, and they seem to be another good option as well.
  12. utyer


    I would trade, if the book is still available. Just what type of "bass flies" would you want? I don't tie spun or stacked deer hair bugs, mostly I tie foam bugs and streamer patterns for bass.
  13. I have a hard back copy if that Book, but I don't see the quoted line anywhere in the first 23 pages. Page 24 starts with a chapter heading of "The Principal Stream Insects." See if you have that chapter, and I can copy you the pages up to the start of that chapter.
  14. You might want a LARGE hair stacker, for bigger Saltwater flies. I would also get some heavier scissors, like the Wescotts pictured below. I tie most of my Saltwater flies (several hundred a year,) with heavy threads or mono line. I buy 2# mono in 1000 yard spools which last me 3 or 4 years. For thread at I use Gutermann Bulky Nylon from Joann Fabrics, its similar to Big fly thread, but much less expensive. I use only white and color it with markers if necessary. As for Bobbins, its best to have at least 2. I have 15, but usually only use my three Nor-vise Auto bobbins. Which ever bobbin you get should have a ceramic insert in the post or a full ceramic post. For a bobbin threader, use the dental floss pullers found at Walmart.
  15. You did well with a Regal, great vise. Mine is older than my 25 year old Nor-vise and is part of my travel kit. When your getting hair, tails, and skins from hunters, make sure you get it cleaned and dried well, before putting those in with your other tying materials.
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