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  1. Hey all. I have 2 similar questions that I'm gonna put into one post. First of all, I have a buddy that wants to start tying. I told him I would get him a simple kit together, so he can give tying a try. What would you include in such a kit??? Next. I am likely going to be going away to work out in northern Alberta. I wanna put myself together a small kit of tying supplies and tools, so that i can do some tying in my very limited spare time. Problem is I need to keep this down in size due to very limited space. I will be flying out so will have to fit clothing, tools and whatever tying stuff i want to bring into 1 piece of luggage!! What are youre thoughts on some basics to have, to allow many hours of tying enjoyment???? I am not gonna be tying to fish as fishing is something I will not be doing Any thoughts on some basic materials, and colors that I should have that may offer the best options. I may be able to have materials shipped out to me while I'm out there, but I dont wanna rely on that possibility. Thanks for any help. Mike
  2. I've been tyin on a DynaKing Baracuda for the last 4-5 months. Bought it to replace a renzetti traveler i sold to a buddy starting out. Took some getting used to but I love the vice!! It's great! Mike
  3. Thanks for the replies all. I've tied many of em on a few different hooks, just curious what others use. I've tied em on 36890's I just find that hook to be a little short, doesnt really give the look it seems. I'm gonna have to try them Daiichi 1750's, had them written down as a possibility after some online research last nite. Thanks Mike
  4. Hey all. Looking at getting started on some of my tying for the salmon runs. Looking for recomendations on hooks for buggers and egg sucking leaches??? Just curious as to what others use for these patterns. Thanks Mike
  5. Looks good Steve!! Nicely done!!! Bow how long will it stay looking so neat??!! :hyst: Mike
  6. Great to hear your back home Tuna! Sorry bout the kitties, It's always tough to lose pets. Mike
  7. VERY NICE!!! :headbang: I think I need to get myself some cotter pins!! Really gotta start getting the selection of swinging flies ready for the Fall/Winter season up here! Nice fly Ray! Mike
  8. Whats needed in the way of flies??? Not the quickest tier but could certainly try and get some out. Will also look around to see if anything else I may have laying around. Mike
  9. I almost exclusively use tungsten beads now. I no longer use lead on my flies now cause of that. Other than perhaps Czech nymphs. Mike
  10. Hey all. Well starting to think that I really need to get started on my warmwater tying. One thing I'm thinking of trying this year are diver type flies. My question is does anyone know where I can find Deer hair in white?? I know I can find it in small packs but I'm looking for those strips that are about 15" long. I can find them in just about every color but white. Also I'm lazy and not very adventurous so dying/bleaching my own really is not a plan. Unless someone can give me VERY easy simple instructions!! Thanks Mike
  11. flytierplus on ebay has some sweet deals on beads. I get all my tungsten from him for sweet deals. He can be a bit slow as his stocks may not always be up but it's still soooo worth it. He has these arrortmenst of 560 tungsten beads in your choice of size/color in an organizer box for usually under 100$ including shipping!! He also does standard brass beads and cones. Mike
  12. Just looked up the Dyna King reservoir. I like it!!! Might have to look into getting one!! Although then I guess I'd have to start using cement again! Mike
  13. Exactly what I was thinking when I saw that Fred!! It should work!!! Mike
  14. Sweet looking fly Fred!!! Gonna have to tie some of them up for the Grand this season! thanks for posting! Mike
  15. The fly shop that is pretty much my home away from home had one for a while, that is until they sold it! Defenitely a neat and very versatile toll but a lot too pricy for my liking. Now as for the rest of the Petijean tools. WOW are they nice!!! Buddy bought the tool kit with pretty much all of them and I had the chance to try em out. Very nice! i like em and they are on my to buy list!! But at 150$ gonna take me a bit of time to save. Mike
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