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  1. There is a trout fishing area (Catch and Release only I think) off the Toms River Road but, due to the tree cover, you will need to be good at roll casting. However it depends on when in April you will be here. Our season opens April 6th and it's usually a ZOO for the first couple of weeks. There are lakes all around the area that hold bass, pickrell, and all the common lake fish that can be had. Your best bet is to go here for more information: http://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/index.htm The NJ Fish and Wildlife site also has information about saltwater fishing that I can't help with. Looking at the NJ web site they also have lists of Guide services in the area. Hope this helps and welcome to the area.
  2. Where is the button to mark all topics as read?
  3. Foam hoppers, Dragonflys, Wooly Buggers, you know easy to tie flys have all worked for me around the Colliers Mill WMA.
  4. I use a hemostat to tie most of the knots I use. While I have two hands and can't test it, it looks like it would work for one hand and a prosthesis. Here is a link to youtube that shows how to tie it. It's not the best but...
  5. There's another way to make the loops on the fly line, braided loops (http://www.rioproducts.com/fly-fishing-gear/extras/braided-loops/). Rio as well as others have them. They are kind of like the old "Chinese finger cuffs", the braid slides over the fly line and, when pulled, tightens. I always work the fly line as far into the braid as I can then superglue the entire braid. If I'm out in the river and for some reason the the loop breaks I make a loop using some "heavier" tippit and just double over the fly line and whip finish the line like I would if I wanted to prevent a rope from fraying. Here is a link to a video of how to tie it. http://www.instructables.com/id/Condition-and-Dye-Your-Own-Hemp-Rope/step11/Finish-the-rope-ends/
  6. Along with the other suggestions mane and tail hair make great legs for the smaller flys like ants and spiders. Tie a bunch of hair together for hopper legs. Clipped body hair is a pain to collect and use but you can use it as a substitute for hares fur in a hares ear nymph in a bind.
  7. I can't see any easy way to send the patterns from here directly to ONE-NOTE via FireFox (my preferred browser) however you can send the web page to ONE-NOTE directly with Internet Explorer. On the menu bar at the top select 'Tools' then 'Send to One-Note'. This sends the entire page, photos and all, however it also includes the menus and miscellaneous links so if you don't mind a little bit of clean-up there is an answer.
  8. FT is correct...You'll find lots of arguments, and here's the first. You should not tie the tippet directly to the fly line, a leader should always be between the fly line and tippet. The leader is usually a piece(s) of mono (or the like) of a heaver gage that helps the leader-tippet-fly combo turn over properly to present the fly properly. Don't mean to get picky but it is important. I usually fish larger flys and have not found any difference in any fly line to leader connection as far as being able to turn the line over. I prefer the loop-to-loop connection due to the ease of replacing the leader. Leader to tippet I never, ever, use a loop-to-loop. If I have time the connection is always a blood knot.
  9. I use the "single use" tubes. I get them at the auto supply store and they usually last one tying session. If I need to stop for a day or so I put a piece of tape over the nozzle and try to make it air tight. 5 single use tubes cost around $3.50 for the "normal" glue, the gel is a little more.
  10. I got mine back from a repair in about 4 weeks. Dropped it off Mid November at the Manchester, Vt store and got it back early December.
  11. Here is a pattern that uses Squirrel tail hair. I've caught both Bass and Sunnies on it. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw2/091100fotw.php
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