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  1. Finally got it setup. This thing looks awesome. And works great
  2. https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.php?store=feacraft&action=display&target=SA009. This is a sparkle spinner use for holding flash or streamer materials
  3. I told my dad I was going to buy a sparkle spinner and he said he would make me one. I was surprised this morning when he gave it to me. Holy shit. He did an amazing job.
  4. i use a SA mastery pike musky 10wt line on my 9wt. it has a short taper and makes casting huge flies easier. going with the heavier line also made a huge difference when casting bigger flies
  5. I going to tie some size 10's for the gills
  6. I tried them out yesterday and bluegills were trying to eat them
  7. Thanks guys. They are a very simple tie. 2/0 saltwater hook 210 thread Small bead chain eyes Magnum rabbit strips Strung Chinese hackle palmered for the head
  8. Just tied these up. I'm going to tie some other color combos tomorrow
  9. nice flies PWB. I tie ones similar to that using EP flash instead of the regular EP fiber the gills and crappies kill them during spawning season.
  10. For pike fishing I use a 9wt rod with a 10wt line and the overweight line made a huge difference with casting distance and accuracy compared to the 9wt line. As for materials I prefer using natural over synthetic. The synthetic materials can handle more fish, but I think the natural materials give a better presentation.
  11. I purchase most of my materials from feather craft. they will send you a free catalogue if you request one, or you can order online they have a very knowledgeable staff if you have any questions http://www.feather-craft.com/
  12. nice lookinf flies those should work great
  13. synthetic yak hair looks awesome and easy to work with
  14. tidewaterfly The patterns you posted are similar to the patterns i have tied and am going to try this spring. Have you noticed a diffrence in the number of hook ups when using the multi-colored heads compared to using a single color head.
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