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  1. Of course they do What the hell do you think we stand on for a boost up. :headbang: When i can't get anyone else to do it, i try to balance on the floor tom and the snare myself. :yahoo: :hyst:
  2. Did you follow a pettern then? I need to get a few books and read up on them. For now, i just look at existing flies i've tied and try to duplicate that or from a regualr pattern book.
  3. Yeah....That's what a few days in this good 'ol Michigan sun will do :ripped: :hyst:
  4. Dude, i'm laughing soo damn hard it hurts. :hyst: But you owe me a Pepsi....it ended up on my keyboard Thanks buddy!
  5. Hey watch it! I resemble that. :ripped: Although i was part of the 100 :whistle: :hyst:
  6. That's awesome! :headbang: Kids are fearless when it comes to this stuff! They really don't care about screwing up as much as we do, so they end up doing great jobs.
  7. Thought i'd add that the tubes were 1/8" and OAL of the tube on the stone is 7/8" and the ESL 1 1/8" (the pics make them look much bigger). Critisim......anyone??? :help:
  8. I don't have any tube fly books so this was just off the the top of my head looking at conventional flies. Pointers and criticism welcome.
  9. It's like a burnt or brownish purple... or also considered as a very dark rose color......I think If not that's damn close :dunno:
  10. How about the flies on her.......ummmm well.....just look below the neck
  11. Mustad spokes model holding a hook catalog. :whistle: :headbang:
  12. Good work! :headbang: I can honestly say women are better tiers faster because men try and over engineer their creations Or at least that's what my 9 Y/O DAUGHTER tells me. :ripped: :hyst:
  13. No problem Merv :headbang: The actual tips include basic set-up (if you put it together, your actually done.....but i think the video would still be nice for you to see in any event ) then the other part shows how to use the hook line up tool. Personally, the line up tool is just more work than it's worth. If you've tied prior you really don't need to use it. Although, if you are still having trouble while waiting for the video or response, post your concerns and we can definitely help you here. Plus, the standard jaws in there can handle size 20 hooks......I'm not a what you would call a "seasoned" tier but all that i have tied (from a 4/0 up to a 24) fit with no prob.
  14. I also welcome you to the site. :headbang: I have the video that was included in the full sized Barracuda and can tell you that you are not missing anything. Mostly, you can be one step ahead if you already have it set up and have the internet to see the same add-ons listed on their web page that they show in the video. If you do need any information about the vise, there are enough of us that own the vise that can answer your specific questions. Or DK's customer service is top notch and you can get your info there. "So far" :whistle: i own the Barracuda and Jr. Trekker and can't say one bad thing about either one. :headbang:
  15. I think Wally World sells them also for under $10 bucks.
  16. I don't think i showed that at all. Case and point, my wife actually paid .69 cents for 100 gold beads on clearance and she picked up 1k of them so that's $6.90 (I paid $2 bucks for 20 at the fly shop ) and a significant cost savings. I think i paid a total of $20 for an actual bead reamer and a diamond bit. Plus i don't use nor did i suggest the actual purchase of a dremel for the aid in this. Simply an actual bead reamer OR a Diamond Point "Bit" is what i suggested. However, if a dremel is needed for other things, that's great. But i would never use a powered dremel tool nor suggest it to anyone trying to ream a bead!!! Safely and effectively it can NOT be done.
  17. You could buy a bead reamer from a craft/hobby store....OR you can buy a 'Diamond Point Bit' for a dremel in 5/64ths (it tapers from a point to 5/64ths ). I use both and both work effectively.
  18. What the hell happened to the tail though You better show us the fly that it was used on :hyst:
  19. Hey Stony....How'd you get that G-string on the dog??? :hyst:
  20. :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
  21. BASS :j_k: Probably walleye and crappie are first and foremost.
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