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  1. Thank you everybody for the help, I realize if I buy inexpensive materials I risk the chance of bad mats. What I was meaning was if you guys had any sites that had materials that where a little less money but same quality.
  2. That Is amazing where did you find that?! Hunting for moby dick I see!
  3. Thanks bud, your flies are great can't wait to try to tie em. That's a good idea with the scudback back to- your just full of brilliance!
  4. Thanks And I'm looking for some wet hackle, I have a couple dry saddles. I've had some success with ebay, I bought a whole rabit pelt (no face though) I got it for 5.30 cents that's including shipping. I'm planning to dye it and cut into sinker stripes.
  5. Did just do a dub loop or did you pack and stack. Looks great, and yeah those could drag up some smallies!
  6. Hay guys I was just wondering if you have any discount fly tying material resources. I find my wallet is always a little lighter every time I purchase something. So I decided to see what you guys think, and I know when I was starting out these posts always helped me. So anyway what are your resources?
  7. I got them today, all of the look awesome. It was a great swap, thanks Ebrant10 for hosting this swap it was great.
  8. Hi Banks, I'm glad to hear we have a new there in the community. Your flies look very good for your first fly, you sir have your self an addiction on your hands! Welcome.
  9. That looks like a good idea, I'll have to try it thanks!
  10. I like to tie red floss or yarn at halfway down the bend of a sudden hook and just wrap forward.
  11. Good SBS! I like the look of him ill have to try emailing out, thanks.
  12. This is the easiest and best looking realistic beetle, thank you for posting this sbs.
  13. good- I was starting to think they where lost!
  14. Just got back from fishing near Naples- didn't catch anything but saw 2 permits and some snook. I'm hopping to get out there and catch one.
  15. Just got to Naples, anyone know where I should fish? Looking for a shore fishing spot.
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