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  1. 👍 near shore. Hooked up about 10 ft from the rock I was standing on. Temps were in the mid 40s and the fight began with slight tug and my rod doubled over on dead weight. A couple head shakes made me think I snagged a turtle. Then she lazily surfaced and the tug of war began. After comparing pics, I’m certain this was my biggest on fly. I wish I had weighed it.oh well
  2. 👍 yes sir. On the Caloosahatchee at Lake Hicpochee. We’ve had them here for quite a while. Never understood why they were stocked here, but they are fun. Same spot, same fly, A contender for my biggest largemouth on fly. Frigid temps in the low 40s this morning and I wasn’t expecting too much activity.
  3. Caught my biggest sunshine on fly this morning.
  4. Thanks Capt! It’s a #1. This pattern has been my go to from #4 to 2/0. The zonker helps them nearly suspend nicely.
  5. That would’ve been handy. I actually have one in my desk at work. It would have been fine if I would’ve topped it off when charging the trolling batteries. Oh well, turned out ok.
  6. The day didn’t start off very good. When launching the boat this morning, found out the cranking battery was week and no go. On the verge of just going home, I decided to launch elsewhere. Another ramp 5 minutes away that was within trolling motor distance to a bridge. First minnow in the water brought up a keeper speck. Ended up bringing home 17 over the 10” minimum size limit. Average size out on the lake would have been bigger, but a great day nonetheless. And even made it home by lunch.
  7. Thanks guys. Yep, ain’t never seen a smallmouth before. That one was just a 🏈 of a largemouth.
  8. An hour of bank fishing this morning in the fog. When the topwater bite wasn’t happening, the streamer did the trick.
  9. Cool shots Philly! I’ve caught a few bluefish on the coast, but never kept any to eat. Do you bleed em and smoke em? Flygirl, I love the pic! Dirt and all! That’s one fish I’ve never seen outside of an aquarium. The head and girth of that fish is huge. 🐖 Maybe one day I’ll get up that way at the right time. Thanks for sharing
  10. That is a thought. I’m just getting into it, and learning the editing side. Monday means the end of my 2 week vacation. ☹️. With snook season over, it’s time hunt for specks. I’ve been enjoying success in the river so much that it’s been maybe 6 months since I was out on okeechobee. Boy was it a nice day. Overcast and comfortable. Didn’t get a bunch, but the bass, catfish, and specks kept me busy all day. 9 big specks went to the parents for dinner. Still working on some video.
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