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  1. A lot more fishing than tying going on here. Here’s one of maybe 3 I’ve tied in over a month. A #1 ahrex tp streamer.
  2. Interesting! 👍 Nice to see you back Bimini15!
  3. Welcome! South Flo native here. Nice set up you have there. Hands down, snook are my favorite gamefish to pursue...and eat. 😁. Keep the reports coming.
  4. Wish i had the camera rolling when this one hit. Half of his body breached like a whale when he hit my prop plug. A good fight ensued with a couple of acrobatic flips boat side. Finally got a keeper. There’s nothing like catching these on a 6’6” bass rod with 15# mono and a topwater plug.
  5. Had fun yesterday bouncing between my snook spots and schooling sunshine bass. Caught a small snook and got stuck following schools of bass. Ended up landing 6 and missing many more. I left twice to hunt snook elsewhere. Then came right back to enjoy some action. I could have downsized the plug but they weren’t the main target. In one clip, where I’m blocking the lure, I missed 4 fish in one cast. IMG_4632.MOV
  6. That’s a chunk! Brilliant! That’s pretty cool. 2nd trip from the bank with my new camera. I haven’t done anything with the footage on a computer yet. Looks like I need to start. Resolution exporting to my phone for editing is only 780p. Shot in supposed 4K. The dusk lighting didn’t help much either. IMG_4553.MOV After tossing a popper a few times, I missed one on the first cast with a plug. Then hooked up to another 👉“small”👈 snook a couple casts later. Lol. Small is anything under the minimum slot size of 28in. 😎 IMG_4553.MOV
  7. Thank you sir. I’ve screen shot more than a couple of your ties for panfish ideas.
  8. I got a new toy Thursday, and have been anxious to get some fishing footage. A non go pro action cam. I like it already, especially watching the little snook hit a topwater plug. Planned on taking the boat out this afternoon, but thunderstorms convinced me to wait till morning.
  9. It’s been a while since I tied anything. This one came together the other night.
  10. No clue on weight, but yes, he was big and thick. I let him go after failing to catch any more.
  11. The only two caught this morning worth getting their picture taken. And a beautiful sunrise.
  12. Here’s a couple “cool” reels. First off, the Martin 62. This simple little reel is what I learned on when I first started fly fishing as a kid with my dad for bluegill. Probably around 25 years ago. I also carried it to the smokies every summer until I graduated high school. It’s been on a 3 wt the last few years and balances it out perfectly. The clicker disappeared years ago, but the reel still does the job of holding line just fine. It’s the stripping it off too fast that can create a hassle. It never gets cleaned and still rides with me almost everyday. The ocean city 305 was given to me by and elderly gentlemen when I was in high school. He knew my love of fishing and I helped with yard work around his house. Before he passed, he entrusted me with a nice collection of old rods, reels , and antique tackle. Of which included an old bamboo fly rod, a heddon pal, an old fenwick ultralight, and a couple metal fishing rods . I have several automatics also. Need to get pics one day.
  13. HOT it is! I was on the water from 6-1 yesterday, and that was all I could take. That’s saying a lot coming from me. But when the breeze died midday, and the scattered clouds were all around except straight up. That’s when it started cooking. ☀️☄️ I tossed the 8wt most of the morning as I am still chasing the elusive snook on fly. Landed a few small bass and several cichlids. Missed my chance once again at a snook. This time the fish hit the fly as I was resting my arms, looking away . It was a few feet from the boat and by the time I was able to grab the line and come tight, it was gone. The frey on the 30# leader from a snooks razor blade gill plate confirmed the culprit. Eventually the 3wt. went to work. I caught a handful of big gills and twice as many cichlids and small bream. I finally quit when every thing in the boat was too 🔥 to touch. Even the vinyl seats would scorch through cargo shorts.
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