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  1. Come up to the Caloosahatchee in Moore Haven. Lake hicpochee has been holding giant gills on the river points, culverts are flowing and snook and tarpon should be gathering in numbers. Schools of sunshine bass were smashing anything on top Sunday morning as I was waiting for an appropriate time to crank up the chainsaw. All within easy paddling distance. For lodging..not much around here.. you could camp at hickpochee, but 🦟 might carry you off. Fisheating creek campground has been way above flood stage, and I'm not sure if the campground is open yet or if there is any dry ground at all. Call me if you like.. or if I happen to see you, I'll politely wave and keep my distance.😁
  2. I had a 12 Jon boat, upside down behind the pop up camper on the ground. Still haven't found it. Neighbors checked around and it's nowhere to be seen. Checked the pasture and train tracks that are behind the tall weeds too. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Man what a catastrophe up and down the coast. I'm in glades county and about 60 Miles east of Ft. Myers beach inland. Fortunately for us the southern half of the storm had very little rain and we got maybe 60-70 mph winds. No big deal here. The kicker for us was that my parents house got hit by a tornado spun off from an initial band the night before the hurricane actually arrived. My middle son and dad were asleep. They woke up to some banging at 2 am and just went back to sleep. The next morning dad called and said, we have a problem. We grabbed what we could before the weather worsened ahead of the hurricane. Thankfully, the hurricane didn't add much to the damage. I sure hope Swamp Fly made it out ok. Babcock and the cape took a direct hit.🙏
  4. Been looking for them all summer. Now it seems that anywhere I fish in the Caloosahatchee there are plenty of hungry slabs. Found another spot from the bank that has nothing but big gills.
  5. Chose files from my iPhone XR gallery
  6. I think I'll call it the Hicpochee Special.
  7. Thanks guys. I started where I left off last weekend. 1 fly 2 1/2 hours. Tons of fun.
  8. It was a pretty slow morning. Then just as I was about to head in, I stumbled onto a panfish condominium. It's pretty awesome when you only see the fish as they turn broadside when inhaling your fly.
  9. That's really cool. I've seen Capt. Bouncer on many different fishing shows over the years.
  10. Thank you sir! They are pretty. A little old martin, and a maxcatch extreme, 3wt. 8’4”, 4 pc.
  11. caloosa bug


    https://youtu.be/SijwWTuJoBU Discovery Channel Something Bit Me.Season 1 E7. For full episode. This happened in my hometown in the same spot I learned to swim and ski. Situation and number of 🐊 was a lot different then. A boat running nearby as opposed to lone swimmers swimming across the river, sure ups the chances of getting bit too.
  12. .https://youtu.be/0A1cI2kZkLQ
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