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  1. Nice set up Chaising Tails. Not too may people can say they limited out with one cast. But that’s what happened last night. First cast caught a slot fish. Then fished another 20 minutes and landed a big overslot fish. Released him and went home happy.
  2. +1 on the gel for 👁 on synthetic.. then liquid fusion or Uv after it dries to make them last even longer.
  3. I’ve never fished the canals of Cape Coral, but have fished all around pine island quite a few times. Always by boat or from the matlache bridge, or a dock where we used to stay in bokeelia. Plenty reds, trout, snapper, and snook in them waters. Kayaking would open up some awesome grass flats and mangrove shorelines. Oddly enough, I’ve never fished around there with a fly rod and it’s been a few years, so I wouldn’t be much help there. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if the canals had Mayans and tilapia. Sanibel is a close drive and stop in Norm Ziegler’s fly shop should point you in the direction of nearby fish from the beach. I’m 64 miles from Cape Coral, but I mostly fish my local freshwater in Lake okeechobee and the far eastern portion of the caloosahatchee river. Summertime usually means big bluegills on beds around here. Let us know how it goes. .. edit here are a few of my favorites here inland..personally, I never cared for the “EP” only patterns. I’ve done really well with my zonker tail, chenille body, with flash and ep tied in front combed back. Don’t forget some spiders or small terrestrial patterns..they can pull fish out of any puddle or ditch in fla.
  4. Mike!! This is 👉freshwater👈. Lake O fresh.. not even brackish at all. It’s been a while since I did any salt fishing.
  5. Got a good one last night on a rapala x-rap.
  6. A few recent snook since season opened on the 1st. I’ve seen quite a few of the “humpback” snook the last couple seasons. After some research it seems like it is a birth defect that can happen at a certain stage of development. this is the first I’ve seen where a lateral line made a loop. Crazy! ps, excuse the beer bottle.. didn’t see it till I took the pic. It was disposed of.
  7. Decent bass i caught this morning on a streamer
  8. Nice! Great looking trout. And kudos to you for getting your boy out there with you. At least you can replenish your box without going to the fly shop. 👍
  9. Joe! It’s nice to see you back. I feel I owe you for generously giving me a bunch of supplies a while back. I’ll pm u for your address.. I want to repay you with something.
  10. Stocking up the big bass and snook box.
  11. Wow, thought I’d try a little humor given the situation. I flew into ok in July 2001 for a week long baseball adventure before heading overseas. Temps were around 100 plus. The heat didn’t bother me as much as the dry air.
  12. Come on over to Glades county on March 1 and I can put you on some fillet and release snook. 😁
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