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  1. After finding reports of water releases on the army corps website, I trailered the boat 15 miles down river this morning. I launched at 6:00 am. At 6:20 I had a 29 inch snook in the live well, filling my limit for the day before the sun came up. Caught another small one, and lost 3 others. Tried the 8wt. for a little while and only managed a big Gill on a 1/0 streamer. The only pic I took was of this wonderful slab of awesomeness.
  2. Great looking jigs Tidewater! Snook here inland, around lake O, would jump all over those.
  3. Heck yeah! That’s awesome. What a fight in a kayak! Snook season just opened on the first here and I’ve been preoccupied with panfish on fly. This past Saturday my goal was to get a slot snook early, then get at the panfish. I brought my action camera hoping to film some tail-walking snook. Had 3 rods with rigged with 30lb leader. And an 8wt. at the ready. For some reason all the culverts and weirs within a 20 mile stretch of the Caloosahatchee were at a standstill. One in particular I wanted to hit first, has been flowing for weeks. Oh well. Mullet was everywhere and even 🐊 were getting in on the buffet. Caught a few bass, then went to throwing the 3wt. Here’s the big fish of the day. https://youtu.be/UxRSW30DWtw
  4. Some of yesterday morning’s bounty. It looks like another exotic is moving in. I caught 1 jaguar guapote last year and my daughter caught one on a pond near my house earlier this year. I caught 3 yesterday. Kept a couple to try. I hear they are excellent table fare.
  5. A fun 3 hrs with the 3wt. on the banks of the Caloosahatchee this morning. A giant Mayan, nice Oscar, and several big gills. Dad came to join the action with a rubber worm and a brand new 5wt. he wanted me to try. I caught 2 on his new rod and he caught a nice largemouth on a baitcaster. When the action slowed and he hung a rock, I was winding in the 5wt. and hung a weed. A gentle tug and snap! Broke his rod that he hasn’t even casted yet. 🤦‍♂️ At least he’ll get a good dinner tonight and a free replacement.
  6. Tossed the 8wt this morning for a little bit from the bank trying for a snook or big bass. Got this big Gill on a #1 ahrex tp streamer instead. 😲
  7. https://youtube.com/watch?v=_uHXS36LKNE&feature=share Here’s a new video just released by Zac Brown Band. Filmed exclusively in and around my little home town. Pretty cool they decided to shoot here. A lot of familiar faces, and a couple families that my parents grew up with, and now my kids are in school with their grandkids. pretty good song too
  8. Thanks guys. It was fun. There ain’t much better than a bluegill’s sweet meat with skin coated in cornmeal and lemon pepper. Yum The river has cleared nicely after an early algae bloom and a lot of rain the last few weeks. It was a blast to cast from the bank out past the drop off. Then slowly retrieve a slow sinking bug with a few small twitches, letting it flutter down, then a couple twitches more to bring it back up within sight. Only to have it disappear in a flash and swirl just before reaching the shallows.
  9. Some good ones caught this morning on the banks of the Caloosahatchee with the 3 wt.
  10. We had a fun few hours at a pond near our house. Caught a jaguar guapote and several small bluegill. Then the same fish I missed on the 3 wt earlier came after my sons fish. My son ended up hooking it with a cricket and landed it without a fight. It was a very poor fish. We laughed, took some pics, made memories and released it.
  11. Heck ya! $30 in tackle? Live bait, or 2 $15 plugs? I put a hurting on some Rapala X-Raps in March and April. Lost 4or 5 on fish, broke lips and split the butt on 4 or 5. And threw a few into the fence on the Army Core of Engineers side of the spillway...No trespassing.
  12. Awesome! Bet that was fun, so what if there’s a crowd, as long as the fish are biting. Good job on cleaning them cats too. 👍
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