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  1. Take a look on Blane Chocklett's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/blane.chocklett Brad Carter tied this one:
  2. Thanks fpeachm! Found this article: http://diybonefishing.com/2015/02/01/diy-on-new-providence/ Still looking for locations on Paradise Island and info on Andros.
  3. Well, at this point I believe I have seen everything there is to see online about any kind of flats fishing in Nassau/Paradise Island. I need to hear from people on here who live there or with trip experiences they are willing to share. Like so many people you see asking this question, I will be staying at Atlantis with family for anywhere from 5 to 10 days August of next year. I know for a fact that there are bonefish in good numbers in some areas, and many areas with no opportunity of anything but being robbed by the many shady characters prowling the beaches. I have some places scoped out on google earth, but any recommendations would be accepted. I highly doubt that we will rent a car (here's hoping), so any places within walking distance of Atlantis would be ideal. Just so you know my search isn't just limited to bonefish. I love barracudas, jacks, and whatever other snappers, groupers, pompanos, or needlefish would be available. From what I know about everywhere in the Bahamas, these fish should be in Nassau, but I don't know good places to go after them. From what I have gathered there are Cudas everywhere in Nassau including the beaches near Atlantis, but the workers at the beaches don't like people fishing there and will send people out to tell you to stop. Small sharks are another fish I would love to catch on flies. Anyone know if they are plentiful on Paradise? I am willing to chum with chunks of any kind of small fish or needlefish I can catch for these if I have to. I will only go on a guided trip in Nassau if someone can suggest a guide other than "Bonefish Simon Bain mon". I have heard way to many bad experiences and the prices are really high for even what could be considered a good day of fishing in Nassau. I was looking at a few good guides but some retired to be taxi drivers or like Clint Kemp of Blackfly moved to better fishing islands. Andros is highly recommended as the real destination for anyone planning on fishing in Nassau. I am very interested in fishing there, of course, but need specific info on how to fly there from Nassau and book a guided trip accordingly. I personally don't mind sharing the plane with some livestock if the tickets are cheap, but the mother might. From what I hear, the planes all run island time, I'm guessing the guides at Andros do too, but I deffinately don't want to be stuck there after the only planes to Nassau have left for the day. I will run it by my traveling companions to stay at a fishing lodge (any suggestions?), but again, I doubt anything so wonderful will happen. I hope this discussion acually gets some responses, many that I saw on other forums didn't. Any info would be greatly appreciated! If you know anyone that might have some information please ask them to share. Thanks Dominic
  4. Backpack guitar case... Holds your rod tube or disassembled rods and all the fly boxes and tools you could want. Really easy to ride with.
  5. Philly, needlefish that aren't actively feeding, whether it's because of low/changing tides or if their just not reacting to your flies, require a double hand super-fast retrive to get them to bite a fly. Streak the fly across the surface, catch some air on waves. I do this when searching for needlefish. The best time to catch them is at high tide when they are looking for baitfish. If you see needles then, as soon as the fly hits the water you will get hits or high-speed chases. Word of caution when you have one on the end of your line: some will launch themselves towards you, some people have been speared by big ones! Warning: They also jump when panicked or when they see lights: Plenty of documented cases: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2005/Jul/30/ln/507300340.html http://www.undercurrent.org/UCnow/dive_magazine/2008/NeedlefishAttack200801.html http://tuoitrenews.vn/society/19098/russian-tourist-recounts-rare-needlefish-attack-in-vietnams-beach-city
  6. I am a fan of spinnerbait hooks too, the best ones I've found are Gamakatzu. Good hook for Barracuda flies and poppers. Stout pike and bass flies too.
  7. Hey, anyone else like catching needlefish/garfish/houndfish fly fishing? I enjoy catching them whenever I can get some place tropical. They are plentiful, and will attack just about anything on or near the surface. Hookless flies are the way to go, their teeth and bony jaws deflect even the sharpest hooks. Caught this one last month in Kauai, about 3 feet long: They are a very tasty fish if you know how to eat them. I grilled, fried, and steamed them while I was there.
  8. Very nice, tidewaterfly. What is the hook on this clouser? Interesting hook shape for a reverse barb.
  9. I want to see your Steve Farrar Fiber baitfish. Saltwater, freshwater, doesn't matter. Here are some of mine. My favorite is the bottom one, Owner AKI.
  10. My favorite all around panfish fly is a size 16 pheasant tail with a wingcase of flashabou instead of pheasant fibers. It's the perfect bite-size for all bluegills, pumpkinseeds, and shellcrackers, they just slurp em' up! I've caught 3 inchers to 12 inchers on them, can also lure in bass fry! Tie them very durable (I use red thread, the fish see the head on the fly and go nuts!), and one will last the whole day.
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