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  1. I find young people…..and send them to veteran non profit ,
  2. Ok so sitting here with the vise , wanting to hear about warm water fly fishing ( Missouri a plus),I love some of the YouTube videos,however I get distracted by watching more than tying ….any help or suggestions….yes I got fishing music already, just can’t watch all the shows…. And some are like nascar for fishing…..😂…. Thanks again
  3. foambug

    Middle Oklahoma

    I should be there mid next month,,, staying for a bit
  4. I’m gonna be around Stillwater Oklahoma in a few weeks, on good warm water fly fishing around that area ? …. Forgive me if this is in the wrong place
  5. Supposed to be taking a trip next month to the canyon,,, is there fishing to be had in the canyon? Doesn’t have to be great fishing, jus something else to do when looking at rock art
  6. Recipe please?!?!?!?, thank you kimo
  7. Darn !!! I missed out....but I'll be keeping my good eye watching for you
  8. Holy cow!!!now my brain just went boom!!!! And this is why I love " ftf"!!!!!! Thank you all
  9. Ok I do know that the elk hair caddis is the go to- nowadays,.and that wickams fancy is sorta the equal...of days gone by.... Were there others were similar to the elk hair caddis, or wickams fancy??? Jus wondering, is there a site, page that does compares like this?? Thank you all in advance
  10. Good topic ,,we all have our favs. An what worked for us in the beginning, I have a simple standard....." Big pictures- simple words" .....on that note.....skip Morris, Dave Hughes,, Terry and Roxanne Wilson, I still print recipes from here and " faol" an when I go to a flyshop, I become that book nerd, I set up a table an chair...an see how the book lays,, so I can look at it when tying......don't know if it helps....there's my nickle....
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