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  1. no, the curve is set, it's not the best for everything, but it's pretty darned good for most things, and as mentioned there is no way to cut yourself with the back side I find that the curve is a very useful radius, soembody put more thought than usual into this one Pauly
  2. stone fly hair cutter http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...&hasJS=true this is the spiffiest tool out there the double edge are defiantly the best, the singles are just utility knife blades. this tool is just tops tops well worth the ten bucks I don't mean to endorse the company who's website is linked, I just happened to know they caried it good luck Pauly
  3. I have the presentation 2000 and could not be happier with it good choice and good luck Pauly
  4. the presentation 2000 also adds a hinged jaw arm do you dial in any size hook for perfect on axis rotation
  5. The vapors from CA based glues like ZAP will leave a white residue at a shop I used to work at we kept an open bottle of ZAP next to the spooling machine. after a couple of years there was an area the size of my hand from the fumes that wafted up I love daves fleximent and have never had a problem, good luck Pauly
  6. mine faces a tiny window with a view of the trailer next door, oh and above that the spanish peaks and tobacco root mountains, I like the natural light, but I need a curtain for direct sun light Pauly
  7. I would like to name that material I hereby name him Roger
  8. So I bought a single wide mobile home a couple of weeks ago and have been working hard to fix things up and make the place liveable anyway, in a little over 48 hours They will be installing the new carpet. why does this excite me so. because after I have carpet in I can set up MY TYING ROOM. thats right, mine, all mine, not mine as in I split it with a roommate, not mine as in I'm renting from a landlord so I can't paint the walls a repectable color, oh no, MINE as an aside, in the massive compliation of tying rooms, there is one painted a great true blue color, if that individual happen to read this I would love the name of that color My thanks to LOWE's or running great sales and to red bull energy drinks for helping through 84 hour work weeks and still allowing me to find time to fix up the house Pauly
  9. I rushed out and bought the 2000 when it hit the market. I LOVE the thing, it is very likely the last vise I will ever buy. the pivoting arm is sweet, if you actually tie with the rotary it let's you get the shank exactly in line, Some of these guys are probably getting tired of me preaching about this thing, but it's AWESOME. come on over and tie on it some time you'll be a beleiver PAuly
  10. cabelas has it for $1.35 a spool I love the stuff Paul
  11. renzetti "traveler" maybe I love mine, but upgraded to the presentation 2000, it is litereally better than sliced bread I like the renzetti's and both vises travel well for me I don't vacation travel as much as I move alot, 4 states and 6 addresses in the last 10 months and I drive a jeep wrangler that all my possesions fit into, and by cubic footage over half is tying crap both vises are great at setting up whenever and where ever I may be resdiding even at stramside good luck and sorry about my spelling PAuly
  12. I think the tail is plenty full here's the way I was taught to dub pick out as much as you think you need.......then put two thirds of it back it works you will be amazed when it clicks as to how little fuzz is really used also it looks like you are using natural dubbing, which is great, but maybe give superfine brand dubbing a try, it works very nicely in small amounts and yeah the hackle is a bit big, forget the gauge and just use the distance from the hook point to the shank good luck, it looks liek your off to a great start, next step, parachutes Pauly
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