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  1. Okay so when I was younger if we caught a carp we would alway hit it over the head with a hammer and dump it back in the water. I even had a friend that if you caught a carp, he would cut your line before your fish got in the boat, because he didn't want the disease infested fish in his boat. I haven't been on here in ages, so I guess my question is what is the deal with catching carp? I see they are even having competitions for them. What do you use to catch the fish. Thanks Erick
  2. Not much of an expert on tube flies, but I know of an excellent vise for a good price. I just recently bought a danvise at Sportsman's Warehouse for about 75 bucks. I first saw it on Al Beatty's website, and tested it out in the store. For an inexpensive rotary vice, this is the only I would go with. I love it. Thanks Al.
  3. I have had a hard time wheather to buy one or not. They are cheap, but the money i spend on one could go to supplies I really would use. Don't know if it is worth do buy one or not. What do you do? :dunno:
  4. As someone once said, "Stupid people ask stupid questions." So here I Go! :wallbash: :wallbash: Why do you wax dubbing, and on what type of fly would you do it?
  5. My vise is so cheap it comes with both. I prefer the base more than the clamp just because i move it where ever i need it. One day I will buy a new one. Any suggestions and base vise for a good price?
  6. I tried something new the other day and it worked. I have always had trouble getting my tool to go over a bead on a fly. When I use my fingers they are too big and the thread gets caught on my skin or it would slip too far back and tie the hackle down. IDEA!! :yahoo: Try using tweezers. It worked? The tweezers act just like your fingers plus you can slip the loop over the bead without smashing the hackle and see what you are doing. Try it. It works great for me. Erick Wood
  7. Everyone has said it for me. Excellent work. Incredible vibrant colors and the hook is great. Way to go. I wish i could perfect my tying like that. :bugeyes: :bugeyes:
  8. What type of material did you use for the head? Looks great!
  9. Looks awesome. I think the cork works just fine. A LOT cheaper too.
  10. How can I contact him to order? Sounds like his hackles are made of gold. :headbang:
  11. Blue ribbon flies would be my suggestion. I am an hour from West Yellowstone. I go every year and I still haven't been to all the fly shops.
  12. So I would like to start bass fishing along with trout, but I don't know any flies. What do you use? I am from Idaho if that helps. Woodsy_fisherman
  13. I use my bodkin for just about anything. I like the idea for a cleaner Thanks.
  14. Hey my wife just bought me hackle Guards as part of my fathers day present. (She works at a Sportman's Warehouse, which to me is the best present.) Anybody ever used them? How well do they work, and how is the best way to use them? Thanks Guys :dunno:
  15. Definitley a royal coachman. Works every time.
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