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  1. Pike on the fly by Barry Reynolds. Awesome book. He has a new one called Mastering pike on the fly which I'm planning on getting soon. Also, Robert Tomes has Muskie on the fly coming out I think in June which is also on my wish list.
  2. Sounds like a plan to me. Fly fishing for pike and muskie is a growing sport and it's really hard to find any info on it. I was glad to see Musky Hunter had an article on fly fishing in this month's issue.
  3. Those all look like killers to me. I agree that there aren't enough stuff on pike/muskie fishing on here. Here's some of mine.
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by lfdmedic421: Jointed Esox Slider
  5. troutbum421


    Is there a right kind of wool to spin with? I tried some woolheads a couple years ago and couldn't get the hang of it.
  6. I just tied up a couple of these and they were suprisingly easy to tie. I don't have the magic tool but I used a chip clip and it worked great. Can't wait for warm weather to get out and give this a try.
  7. Where do you get your magnum zonkers at? I can never find them barred.
  8. I'm in need of a new leader for salmon and I was thinking of tying one up of my own but I'm a little confused as to how long I should make it and what pound test line I should use. I'm not looking to get too creative as far as giving it a lot of taper or anything, I was thinking of using 20-30# mono butt section down to a 10-15# down to a 0-1x tippet. How does this sound? I can adjust for lengths depending on the feedback I get here. Thanks.
  9. What type of marabou should I use to tie these up? It looks like blood quill which I have but I could be wrong. Also, looking for some recipes for the Blue Moon, Volcano and Flesh versions. Thanks
  10. Anybody got any patterns to share? Thinking of trying for salmon after a couple years off due to frustration and wated to try some skein patterns. Thanks.
  11. Very cool fly! That one might have to end up in my arsenal. :devil:
  12. I bought a pack of white foam popper heads that I plan on tying pike flies with. I was wondering if using an airbrush to paint the heads would work. Would the paint stay on?
  13. Anyone tie/have any luck with jointed flies? I'm working on a jointed slider and a popper right now and I was wondering if anyone uses jointed subsurface flies.
  14. I'm going to be tying up some Iso's here pretty quick and I want to use deer hair for the body. I went to my local fly shop today and couldn't find any nor could I find any on the internet. :wallbash: Does anybody here know where I can get some before it's too late?
  15. That looks too pretty to fish with. I think I'd cry if I lost one of those. Awesome tie!
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