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  1. Hi ,,,and wow,,thanks guys,,sweet fliesfor sure.....Thanks BB for letting me in,,,,,,B
  2. evening all,,got the rubber leggy set done,,,this is my variation of an old patterm called a "Hum Bug",,,easy/simple fly,,,deadly as I toss,,,i use jig hooks,,makes them almost weedless,,they sink like a rock,,,just add water
  3. hey guys,,after having it pointed out and going back and RE-reading the swap parameters,,,ill tye something up with rubber legs in them,,,i wasn't paying attention,,{old Age}but never fear,,,,,they will be cool........B
  4. hi all,,Bryon,,look up grim reaper tying video on youtube,,,,, I put jig/worm rattles on them and instead of the ice chenille for the body I used zonker strips,,,,i dropped a couple in my aquarium and they seemed to come alive,,,,,,really looking forward to trying them out
  5. OOPS,,itried to delete this post BUY it wont let me,,posted it on wrong one,,again,,sorry,,,B
  6. its a variation of the Grim Reaper,,,,,,,,B
  7. hi all..had the day off due to inclimate weather,,so got mine all tied up,,,,a simple minnow? pattern,,accounted for a few hundred gills last summer,,,hope yall like,,,,B...........
  8. tying up some bassin bugs,,,getting ready for spring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,B,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. hey guys,,had the day off due to inclement weather,,so got mine tied up,,,simple little minnow? pattern,,,whacked a few hundred gills on them last summer,,hope yall like...if you could send me an addy,,BB ill get them sent,,,,,B
  10. hi..BB,,,been a while since I was in a swap..ill just jump in if its ok....,,,,,,,,,,B,,,,,,,,,.......
  11. aint no problem..joman...glad you got fixed up,,,oh I do enjoy this thing,,,takes a lil getting used to,,,but fun....B
  12. Hi all,,well I got a renzetti traveler for Christmas,,,neat little thing,,ive tied for more than 30 years and never used a rotary vise,,,should be fun to play with,,,,,,,have a great weekend,,,B
  13. Hi,,Hope everyone on the forum has a sweet Christmas,,,,,,B
  14. Hi, everyone,,,,got some of the fish skull heads and tails to mess with,, I really liked the first results ready to implement them into some other patterns now,,,,,cheers,,B
  15. hi all,,,been seeing some of you posting your tying areas and thought id show my little spot..antique cedar desk,,an old card catalog {great for tying stuff} and a set of yardsale metal drawers,,i made my tool/working surface and my thread holder,,,simple but effective,,,,have to keep it picked up...{ living room },,,,,have a good one,,Go Cards,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,B
  16. hi all,,im mainly a bass n bream flyrodder,,and i make jigs for myself and friends,,so i have a lot of jig hooks around i tye on them all the time,,,dont get hung up as much in the thick stuff
  17. getting ready for the white bass run,,,,,this has done well in the past,,,,,,B
  18. theres not really a weed guard,,,the jig hook rides Hook up ,,i have fished these in some thick stuff and usually get them back
  19. this is one of my Bass flies,,,tied on a jig hook,,,pretty much weedless,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..B..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  20. Hello everyone,,,been awhile since i contributed,,,took a couple year hiatus from tying,,but im happy to say the old juices are starting to flow again,,so,,getting my eyes n fingers back,, i started with some simple {deadly if youre a panfish} flies i use around here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..B..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  21. Thanks for all your responses,,,gave me some stuff to think about,,again thanks
  22. Hi,,everyone,,,not new here but been away awhile,,,have taken about a 3 year hiatus from tying,,personal reasons n such,,but trying to get back going again,,,in the last few years i have had to get bifocal lenses. has anyone had difficulty tying after they hav gotten the bifocals? i used to be able to tie for hours but now the old eyes bother me in half the time. I was curious if anyone else had issues? thanks B
  23. thats nice,,,definately put this in the box,,,,,B
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