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  1. Mine should be on their way early next week. Can I have an address please?
  2. I received mine last Friday I believe. Totally forgot to post on here. Great job by everyone though!
  3. Thanks I was worried that they wouldn't show up. Thanks a ton.
  4. Sorry to make you wait. I sent them 2 weeks ago, so I'm not sure why they aren't there.
  5. Flies were sent last Friday. Hopefully they get there soon.
  6. Flies were sent last Friday. Hope they are there soon
  7. I also have polar bear and quite a few of the other ones but I also have a huge section of stone sheep hair.
  8. Mine are ready aswell. I will be shipping them Monday at the latest.
  9. What are the names of your flies? Would love to check them out
  10. Does anyone have a use montana mongoose the would look at selling. If not where could I find the cheapest deal online? Thanks for the help guys.
  11. It has gone up to $155. I had also noticed that.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I am definitely thinking of purchasing this vice.
  13. How do you like your peak? Thanks for the website. I will for sure check it out.
  14. I was wondering if anyone has a used peak, Montana mongoose, or a Renzetti that they would like to sell. I am looking at upgrading my current vice. Thanks so much.
  15. I will be tying the mylar prince nymph. It's a killer pattern!
  16. I'm in, not sure what variation yet.
  17. Mine should be sent out first thing next week. I will be tying a Oregon caddis on a curved hook. It ended up looking like a stimulator but with no tail. Anyways here is the recipe: Hook: size 10 mustad long curved hook Body: orange dubbing Back hackle: orange hackle from swap Front hackle: light grizzly hackle Wing: deer/elk hair Thanks a ton for all of the hackle again! I really appreciate it.
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