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  1. Haven't posted in quite awhile. Here's some recent hair bugs
  2. http://saintmariesflies.com/product-category/fly-tying-materials/deer-hair/ I sell it on my website. Mine is all hand picked for tying bass bugs (poppers, divers, etc.) I tie and sell alot of bass bugs and dont sell any hair that I wouldn't use myself.
  3. Some big hair bug orders have been hitting the mail.
  4. Deer hair diver on a 2/0 kona xtra strong stinger hook
  5. Those are beautiful, great job!! Ray Thank you!!
  6. Haven't posted anything in awhile. Here is some recent bass bugs.
  7. A few frogs and a couple perch colored poppers
  8. thanks mike!! I've been here just haven't posted In awhile!!
  9. Thanks guys! Bimini 15, They are cohens creature legs. They are made out of ultra suede.
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