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  1. I've got a spool of chartreuse uni thread that I've had quite a while. I just used it yesterday and have never had any problems.
  2. Last summer I was fly fishing for cutthroat. Wading along and slipped on a rock. I put my hand down to catch my self and my thumb jammed right between 2 rocks. I could tell it broke right away. I fished for a couple more hours anyway since it wasn't my casting arm even though operating the real wasn't easy but I decided to head home cause I knew the wife would make me go to the doctor since it was purple and almost double it's normal size.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Not really a prize if they are making all the money off your fly.
  4. Bought a montana mongoose about a year ago and been very happy with it.
  5. Yes the rotation does take some fine tuning. I've tied down to size 24 with it and it has worked great.
  6. It's on a mustad 3366 2/0. Thanks check love my montana mongoose.
  7. Oops not sure why it ended up sideways.
  8. First fly I've tied since I broke my thumb on August 19th
  9. Cutthroat trout Rainbow trout Brook trout Bull trout Whitefish Largemouth Smallmouth Crappie Perch Pike Squaw fish Sucker Sunfish
  10. I agree. I've had a griffin montana mongoose for a few months now and it's a great vise.
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