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  1. Sooooooo ... refilling this thing would be <somehow> easier than refilling a fly box? What, the fly WANTS to be in the spinner so badly it jumps right off the vise into it? The guy in the picture isn't even wearing one ... it's a badly cut/paste of the image at the top. Oh, wait ... You could get several. Then use them to roll down hillsides to quickly get to the water.
  2. Heard this for the first time about 4 years ago. Earwormed it's way into my day and had to listen to it again. Got a little bit of everything in it. https://youtu.be/sJ1eZe88keg?si=Jcav97kLApF9KB-N
  3. Welcome to the site!
  4. Yeah, that's a pretty one. Very nice work on the grips.
  5. The most precision shooting I do is racoons and grackles in the yard. I use an air rifle as regular ammo is too loud for the neighborhood. Plus, a miss with a pistol might end up in someone's window or worse. If I could find a reasonably priced air pistol that can kill a raccoon ... I might go for that.
  6. Thank you, Steve. I don't think you've got room on any of the walls for them! If they don't sell, I was thinking that they'd go to you, but again ... room? I can't post them on FaceBook ... it goes against their rule for weapons. I've listed them on "Nextdoor", but I don't think I'll get a response.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I am not rude to those who say the words. But I truly believe most of them are just saying the words. They don't even know what they're thanking you for. You can see it in their faces ... it's a courtesy. Okay, fine. I nod and move on. I've thanked a few veterans, but I stop to talk to them for a few minutes. Let them know that there is knowledge behind the words. Vic, there are three kinds of humans. Friends/family ... Wife and I like these types. They've proven they're not ignorant of real life and that they're worth our friendship. Acquaintances ... These are people who've made themselves known to us and have not betrayed the common sense requirement. They're worth talking to and to be given the chance to become friends. This category includes most of the humans on this site. People ... The majority of the world. We don't know them. Many of them prove, daily, that we don't WANT to know them. They make themselves known to us with their ignorance and worthlessness. These are the people we hate ... happily and vigorously. Some of them might become acquaintances, but most of them won't be given the chance. I'd be happy to spend time on a boat or wading a shallow with you ... and anyone else on here. We do not have a "guest room" though, so it's a hotel for any visitors.
  8. Couple of recent projects I got around to. Made a tissue box holder. It was supposed to hold the new, larger boxes Wife is buying. This one came out too small so it'll go on sale. I was given a couple of swords a few years ago, with cheap, broken, cast metal guards and damaged handles. Finally got around to making new everything (except the blades) and a wall hanger.
  9. I spent almost 12 years in. I was planning on doing my 20 and then moving on. After the first Gulf War, the military did a force reduction. When I tried to reenlist, they just said my MOS was full and they didn't need me. Reduction In Force (RIF) they called it. I called it being unfaithful, which flies in the face of the motto. I'm an Ex-Marine, as they proved that Semper Fi is one way. So, I just nod and move on when I am thanked for my service. It feels too much like another of the modern day "woke" policy of not offending anyone.
  10. Yeah ... I had to go out in the cold this morning at 6:30. It was only 52 degrees ... needed to put a jacket on. Nicely warmed up to 75° F now. I've got no problem admitting to being a wimp who can't take a "cool breeze?" 😁
  11. This is just a comment based on what I remember of other such conversations. As I understand it, cloudy UV resin is due to water in the solution. High humidity areas (which I don't think Colorado is) or damp thread etc. under the resin ... On the other hand, If it looks good under normal light, personally I wouldn't worry about it. Fish will eat things that look injured or struggling as well or better than healthy specimens. So maybe that cloudy look in UV light will actually induce more strikes.
  12. Welcome to the site, Tom.
  13. I turn 65 in July. I'll keep this info in mind as I make the transition. Thank you.
  14. My sincerest condolences to all who knew him.
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