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  1. I like it like this, personally. I don't have to sift through a few hundred comments to find some from people I WANT to hear from. I'm sure there are those of you who want a smokin' fast chat room type experience ... but I'm just not into that.
  2. One of our members has a great comparison site ... http://flyhooks.org
  3. Hmmm ... I think I like that! I think it'll look great flashing in the sun on a nice little stream.
  4. Maybe it's quiet today ... but it's been busy as normal over the past few days.
  5. Good looking handle. I like the gold trim, too.
  6. I don't know. Doesn't work for me, either.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BePi7bUPVM
  8. Yeah ... heavy rain and face masks, well, that's the very definition of water boarding.
  9. mikechell


    😏 If I WAS to do a podcast ... it would be so good, they'd just shut down everyone else's. For now, I'll leave it to all the amateurs out there.
  10. I'll take my chances with a few days of excessive winds once in a while. As opposed to the very real possibility of becoming an icicle for 6 months straight. I loved visiting Alaska, but you don't have to worry about me increasing your population load.
  11. Just three items to remember when purchasing a holster. 1. Comfort. First and foremost, it's not "concealed" if you're constantly fidgeting with it. If it's not comfortable, that's what you'll be doing. 2. Securing the weapon. Concealed carry allows you to have the pistol with you. In the interest of avoiding legal problems, NOT using it is always preferable to shooting someone. If you're trying to avoid a confrontation, and the pistol falls out of the holster ... confrontation is guaranteed. People who buy "quick-draw" holsters that allow the weapon to easily fall out aren't fully thinking through their responsibility. 3. No matter how good you are, the chances of you needing to "quick-draw" against an antagonist/criminal/perpetrator ... scumbag ... are very low. "Clearing leather" should be a methodical, practiced and deliberate action. Even if you are ever required to use your skills, it's 99% sure you won't be in a "As seen on TV" type duel. The holster doesn't need to facilitate a quick draw, it needs to be where you expect it and perform how you expect it through lots of practice. I'm sure I'm just preaching to the choir ... but it needs preaching. I know two people who've shot themselves in the leg/foot while trying to do a quick draw from a poorly designed holster. Good luck finding one you like that performs the way you wish. Oh ... and I like the pistol you've chosen.
  12. Now ... stay safe on the North East Coastline as Ida moves back out over water.
  13. Yep! Absolutely nothing wrong with that one. Nothing but "LIKE" !!!
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