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  1. Geezo Peezo !!! That's one huge RC truck. I can hardly wait to see videos of it running. You need to take someone with you the first time you run it, to be your videographer and follow the action.
  2. mikechell


    I was much younger ... and able to see ... at that time. I doubt I could do as well today. Yeah, you could hear the rifle grunt with each shot at 500 yards. I shot a sniper rifle at 1000 yards in 1988. Had a spotter and the rifle's owner on the tower with me. I was just there to aim and squeeze the trigger. It was an exchange situation with my unit (one of the first UAV units in the MC) and a Recon unit, so I could report how the other unit could benefit from ours. This particular event was a few days with snipers. Culminating in enough rounds to get on the black. It only took me three. First one high, but on the paper. The spotter and the sniper made adjustments to the sights while I stayed in position. Second round nicked the shoulder. Again, adjustments made while I maintained my position. Third shot was a heart shot. I don't remember what the brand was, so I can't include it in my list of favorites ... but I liked that rifle.
  3. Um ... 50s is still long pants and sweatshirt weather for me. But it's good to know it won't be below freezing and blizzard conditions. Thank you for the update!
  4. Sunday, I'm off to Connecticut. Seems I missed the earthquake mentioned in another thread by a couple of days. ๐Ÿ™ Gonna be doing some government training for a week. I'm looking forward to doing the class, just not very pleased that it's still winter up there. What happened to global warming? Oh well. It's only for one week. Then back to the warmth of Florida for a couple of weeks of vacation. Gonna try to get some fishing in, as well as some wood working in the shop.
  5. mikechell


    My favorite rifle. There's a lot of people who don't like it, but my rifle range score (50, 100 and 500 yards) of 296 out of 300 is my reason to love it. My favorite pistol. Got my Dad's, that he brought home from WW2. I've never shot it, but it's just the best looking pistol, ever.
  6. Gorgeous nets! How do you get the lightning patterns? Are you carving them in, then filling?
  7. Since you're specifically targeting Norvise Bobbin users, don't sell them for a low price. If they can afford the vise and/or bobbins, they've got money to burn on fly tying accessories. Value your time as if you were at a job ... because if they start selling in high numbers, it will BE a job. Material handling, set up, packaging and shipping all takes time.
  8. mikechell


    Had to turn the A/C on during the drive home from work today.
  9. Um ... more like red apples to green apples. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. I use hemostats. Since I use the rotary function on my vise, I don't worry about stressing the hackle. I've got a lot of control with my 6 inch hemostats.
  11. We have cats who like to jump up on the toilet seats when we walk into the bathroom. We BOTH put the seats down, so they won't fall in when it's not. It's such an ingrained habit now, I even put it down when I'm alone in the hotels.
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