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  1. I didn't have the sound up (Wife's napping) so I don't know what was playing. Liked the video, though.
  2. I looked on the map in my Atlas. You two were born just a few inches apart! You probably ARE brothers.
  3. Is she old enough to swim? Gator bait is better when it can swim on it's own. Oh, if I'm a little slow on the pull ... you wouldn't be getting her back.
  4. Yep ... that's a good looking net.
  5. mikechell


    Good luck, Denduke. Hopefully, the anticipation will be the worst part.
  6. And I KNOW JS is being sarcastic.
  7. mikechell


    As a general rule, I hate people. All y'all are just stating more reasons for me to feel that way.
  8. Griffin Odyssey Spider Cam vise. I bought mine many years ago for $100.00. Still works great. I think they go for about $120.00 these days.
  9. As stated under the word "Test" ... it started just last month, on August 16th. Welcome back, Alf.
  10. It's usually "Chell's Panfish Attractor". Tying is not "fun" to me. Fishing is fun. Tying flies for my fishing is somewhat enjoyable, but I wouldn't consider it "fun". The "Panfish Attractor" is my favorite fly to fish ... so it's my favorite fly to tie.
  11. Perhaps. As long as it is still seen as a joke ...
  12. 😲 I understand the frustration. Sorry to see you feeling this way about the aquariums and the fish that have become so personable. On the other hand, it will give you more room to work on and store your trucks.
  13. If you've ever had Gefilte fish, you've probably had Carp. We used to eat ones that were 2 pounds or less. The big ones were less palatable, but the little ones taste like they'd been basted in butter.
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