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  1. mikechell


    It's been bandage continuously since it happened. I've got a couple of picture from last week, just after, and they are a little too ... juicy? ... to put on here. Pretty gross, actually. I let it dry a little before taking the above picture, so it wouldn't look so "horror show". Bandage went on right after the picture.
  2. LOTS of people fly fish with two flies on. Something that float in front, something the sinks in back. Personally, I think that's "cheating". 😉 But then, I'm usually fishing from a boat, so if a floating fly isn't working, I just pick up a different rod with a sinking fly on it. When you're limited to one rod, multiple fly set-ups allow you to cover more of the water column at once. The two flies are personal choices. If you want to tie on bass bug and a "professor" ... go for it. What's the worst that can happen? You can catch two fish at once? You lose two flies in the tree instead of one?
  3. I tied on a "Supreme" vise for decades without ever stripping the thread on a screw. Now, I've been using an Odyssey Spider cam vise for several years and no problems with any of the threaded items on it, either. My first guess, as with the students in my engine classes, is that you're under estimating how tight you're turning the screw and stripping them out yourself. If a lot of vises you're using are having the same problem ... the common cause is ... you!
  4. Near perfect ... as far as I can tell. I'd compare that one to some of the "old timer's" on here.
  5. mikechell


    It's a relatively new trimmer. My last one was a bump feed ... this one is automatic. It feeds a little each time you let go of the trigger. In certain areas of the yard, I'm used to stop and start trimming, bumping the trimmer when I need more line. With this one, it rapidly starts over feeding. So, if I have too much line out, and I don't want more, I have to let it run while I hold it up and move things out of the way. While moving something out of the way, I didn't realize how far the trimmer had swung ... until I felt the pain in my calf. Most of it is very superficial, and it wasn't bleeding badly, so I kept trimming. About a minute later, I saw my sock getting red. It looks worse than it is ... but that area at the top is going to take about 3 weeks to heal, I think.
  6. mikechell


    Revived an old topic just because I wanted to use the "Ouch" in the title. Anyway, this injury has nothing to do with fishing and fish hooks ... it's all about a string, electric weed whacker. They CAN cut skin! Just FYI ... I'll try to make some space to the picture, it's a little graphic. I did this last week, and it looked a bit worse, then. * * * * * * * * * *
  7. I don't know if it was that video, or some other, but several years back, I tied some bodies on a needle like that. Made a couple pretty flies and went out to fish them. They got hit ... once. The fish pulled those tails apart on the very first tug, both flies. Maybe trout hit differently, but for sunfish, those tail/abdomens were just too much trouble for one hit flies.
  8. mikechell

    SpaceX launch

    Thank you, flytire. Great information.
  9. Also check to see if you're nicking the thread with the hook point. Getting too close to the hook point and cutting the thread was the reason I broke threads, and I don't think I am alone in that.
  10. Could be male vs. female coloration? Maybe I've only caught one sex. (which ever one HAS the red tip)
  11. If I didn't have a bag of fillets in the freezer already, those would've all been kept!
  12. Look up SBPatt's "Carnage" flies (in the SBS forum) for a way to do excellent foam, tapered abdomens.
  13. Are there only two positions to choose from? Looks like you could pick a position with the best angles for both your fingers and the thread by just lowering it a fraction. I am not familiar with the problem or the solution, just observing your pictures.
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