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  1. First, let me start this with an apology to Steve. I know this leaves you with a bit of a shortage. You and I had a couple of conversations before the storm, so this isn't a total surprise. I started on this site in 2012. I've never been a "fly tier". I've always been a fly angler who ties flies for my fishing. Over the last couple of days, without power or internet, I've had time to spend with my Wife and my thoughts. I've got plenty of reasons for my decision, priorities in my life, etc. Without getting too philosophical, FTF isn't one of them. I've got a couple of true friends that I've met on this site. I hope those will keep in touch with E-mails and such. I'm not "deleting" my profile or anything. I might be back. For now, I hope all of you have healthy and happy lives. Tie well and tight lines!
  2. At it's worst. The water never got into the house. The street in front and beside the yard ... The workshop's driveway ... no mowing for a week or two. Power and internet are back. Life is normal for us. We got lucky.
  3. That's a good looking vise ... except, it looks quite crowded and hard to tie near the bend.
  4. For all our members from the British Commonwealth. My condolences for the loss of the Queen. While I don't follow the Royal family and couldn't pick post of them out of a photo line-up, Queen Elizabeth was special. Her sense of humor and connection with the people will forever be the embodiment of a true Monarch.
  5. They're right there ... beside the doonkonkle shaft.
  6. Didn't you see the doojaflippy on the gadapackle?
  7. My guess is that, no, there's no "coloring" pen that will stay on wire. Sharpies quickly lose color in water if not covered with some protecting layer. If you're going to use UV resin or similar over the top of the wire, color THAT. Wire for shine or shimmer and a coating of transparent UV or nail polish for the desired color. Just throwing the suggestion out there.
  8. 😄 Yea !!! That would be too funny, if you have a trail cam set up to film it !!!
  9. I leave the bone in on the raccoon tails I get. I just put them in a jar, then fill the jar with clay based kitty litter (oil dry material). After a few weeks, it's dried out like an Egyptian Mummy. I leave them in there when not in use ... keeps them dried out. Oh, that reminds me. I've got some deer tails sitting in a box of kitty litter. Forgot all about them until just now.
  10. You could also put a stream beside it and post it in the "Interesting things found while fishing" thread !!! Looks great. Will you have Ewoks climbing on it?
  11. Down here, the flying squirrels are nocturnal. They're around, you just don't see them during the day. As far as I know, we don't have black squirrels here. They are a melatonin variation of any squirrel species. In areas where they are most prevalent, the strain is out competing the regular colored squirrels. I've never lived where they are, but we vacationed on Rice Lake in Canada, and they were everywhere. They were solid black. No white belly, tips or underfur. Just black. For us visitors, they were an exotic species. They were used to being hand fed and some would even sit in our laps while they ate.
  12. I can post flies from my computer, if I leave it in the "thumbnails" section at the bottom. If I try to insert in the actual post, it won't let me.
  13. I've been made aware (through another thread and a well written recommendation) that we need to keep a thread open to test pic posting abilities. Please don't make repeated complaints, as steps have been taken to remedy the problem. But, we can use this thread to try posing pictures. If you can post a picture, please state what method/hosting site you're using.
  14. I don't know. Maybe you're psychic!
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