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  1. Been getting a lot of attention of this pattern fished with a skagit and floating tip.
  2. Starting to get ready with some brighter and larger stuff...
  3. Just make them all barbless and no worries. You won't lose any more fish than you will with barbed hooks, and your barbless hooksets will set easier and faster.
  4. In 1 year, I've bought 1 switch rod and 2 spey rods, and I haven't touched my 1-handers since. All 3 are 7-wt. I haven't had any issue flinging big, heavy Intruders with 10' t14 tips... Don't pigeonhole skagit vs. scandi vs. spey setups - it sounds too complicated... they are all pretty easy to mod... I'd start with a 450 grain short skagit head (20'), on a medium switch rod as a general intro and go from there. I love my switch Echo SR and probably gravitate towards that setup 75% of the time for steelhead. I'm taking it to FL with me in a few weeks to chase bull reds, in fact. They might whip me, but it'll be worth it. Tight lines.
  5. Jont


    Winter is right around the corner. Snow is already on the ground. Every fall, it always takes me a few quickies before I get dialed in... Come on December rain!
  6. straight 10# or 12# Fluorocarbon 8 footer.
  7. From what Steelhead spey fishing has taught me, MOW sinktips get even a heavily weighted fly down with more efficiency than adding actual weight to the fly itself. Just a thought.
  8. Howdy, fellow tyers! Just registered and look forward to participating. I'm from Florida, originally, but have lived in Arkansas and Texas. Now I call Hood River, Oregon home. Still adjusting to this Steelhead thing, but have landed a few and am addicted now. Lucky to get back to FL a few times every year in the spring and fall to chase reds and seatrout. Take it easy.
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