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  1. the boys what to try these out to day
  2. i Know , And will you be in school
  3. sorry my bad new hamburg ont canada , near Kitchener /Waterloo
  4. I will be starting a summer flytying class , In new Hamburg ont, canada.. in the old arena Times and date,s will post you can follow @ viper278.wix.com/mysite www.hookedontying.com no charge for this
  5. moving one of my tying spots up stairs, and a youtube much better lighting
  6. just before they hit the water
  7. Just Picked up 2 100 w led lamps which as made a big improvement All so have the Lavalier Microphone that I will be using . but iam going to try to shot from above like a POV and see how that works Thanks everyone for your help
  8. I use MYStuff Pro on my I pad. You can get my stuff deluxe for windows or Home Inventory Pro 2011 both to the same thing http://home-inventory-software-review.toptenreviews.com/home-inventory-pro-2011-review.html Its a lot of work!! you can add all your own patterns and theres fly http://fly-library.com/index.html
  9. thanks. Will try a lighter backaround . And for the 4k its nice on a 1080p because I can shot up to 120 FPS . I just thought the video look a little orange.. Thanks everyone
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy3ymfCN5ug Working on making fly tying videos in 4K . But having light problems ! If anyone knows what the best light to use would be nice. Right now Iam using 6500k OTT light ,and a 5W halogen light , Room light is 6500k too, and for video processing is adobe premiere pro video editing Thanks tom
  11. I dive all over the world. It would be nice to stay connected to the form and have patterns with me ,some spots don't have WIFI-or hotspots. And if your on the boat forget it ! its not happening:) Ive looked at some apps on google play And they all seem to be CRAP . I have an android note 4 . So if anyone is using an app let me know if you like it Thanks
  12. WICKED FROG:) love the legs
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