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  1. Got mine as well. Nice job guys, I can't wait to hit the water
  2. I'm in. The hooch browns have keyed in on midges recently, specifically my minute midge. Ill tie some of them in a 24 or 26. Pics to come soon
  3. Thanks for hosting the swap and thanks to everyone who took part. These hoppers look amazing, I can't wait until summer. The midges should destroy on my tailwater and the others flies will be great on the blue lines. Thanks again.
  4. This is from Michael "There is a small crack in a rod attachment socked (the very first one) The Sandy Springs PD have been notified but if ya'll see anything and can notify the appropriate authorities I would be eternally grateful."
  5. Yesterday after fishing my buddy Michael went home and over night someone broke into his car and stole his rods, reels and pack with all his flies in it. If you guys could be on the lookout for: 1. Orvis Access rod 9ft 4wt and reel 2. Orvis sling pack 3. Nymph and Streamer assortments 4. White river rod and matching reel with case if you find something on ebay or craigslist it will be coming from atlanta or the suburbs. Please let us know if you find or have information to his gear!
  6. finishing up big flies tonight, small ones packed. sorry if they are a day or so late.
  7. I'm so sorry I haven't sent them yet, I have been very busy planning an event for school. I'll send them tomorrow. Unfortunately I will have to drop out from the April swap :(. I should be able to for the rest of the year.
  8. Some awesome flies arrived today, can't wait for the bwo's to start this weekend. WTH how did you tie that fly? The body is crazy cool, what is it made of? Thanks guys.
  9. Bummer it didn't fish well. Don't give up on it though, it will get better considering the last time they put in some big boys was October! In the week after they go in the fishing is insane.
  10. That is very nice of you. I will be out there with my family end of may/beginning of June. We don't need a guide (I think one comes with the ranch) but some tips on where to go and what to use would be awesome. What do you think will be hatching? I've already started to tie for this trip. We are staying at high lonesome ranch if it helps. Thanks.
  11. Ohh man that picture would just make a trip! That must have been really cool!
  12. I'm still in. Waiting for a bunch of stuff so I can finish mine.
  13. It's not very secret, considering its all public water. The bridge was the first one we passed, right in front of the school. Downstream maybe 200 yards there is a great pool. Upstream there are a few good pools and a lot of pocket water. The other hole was in a field maybe 2minite drive up from the bridge. You could park at the bridge and walk go the holes but if you do be careful because the water is very fast and the rocks are not as solid as they look. Elijah (wearing the buff) went into backing, I was maybe 15 feet from backing and Parker (blue jacket and Orvis hat) came close as well.
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