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  1. When i'm bored, I tie the most colourful flies i've ever seen, chartreuse, red, yellow, pink, lime green, pull out all the stops. No holding back, even try merging styles. But if you fish for trout, this is pretty much useless, as they are quite finicky, on the other hand if your looking for pike and bass, flashy, colourful flies are great.
  2. Fisher's right, at one point or another everyone on the site was a newb, (some of us are still in that phase, like myself) Post as many pics of your flies as you can, experienced members can give you boat loads of information on a single fly. Please don't be shy to ask any questions. Good luck with your fly tying and congrats on retirement.
  3. Steph those feathers should work, just be careful which feathers you keep, depending on where you are different regulations prohibit certain species, such as songbirds.
  4. Hmmm interesting fisherboy, unfortunately where I live you can't use "gamefish" as bait, and bluegill and sunfish both fall under that regulation. Which i don't understand, but oh well. Thanks for the pattern.
  5. Thanks mike, im well aware of their teeth, thanks for info. I'll need to get weed guards, or try a mono weed guard, we'll see. Thanks again
  6. Topwaters too. But stay calm on the first explosion they often miss and if you act like it didn't happen and keep retrieving, he'll smash it. Similar to trout then, make a rise, but won't hit it the first time around, good to know. Thanks for the patterns. Thanks everyone for the responses, if i catch one i'll upload a pic. If anyone else has any more info on the species please respond, I want all the information i can get.
  7. Personally i believe all forms of tying are forms of art, it takes a lot of skill to tie realistic and classics, but now a days, theirs these extremely advanced dry flies and streamers and such that take incredible patience and practice. I respect anyone who can tie any form of fly in such an advanced degree. I didn't vote, as my opinion is not truly replicated in the options.
  8. Gorgeous fly, grotesque creature Amazing what you can create with a few materials and a hook, well done.
  9. So until I get out to the trout streams i thought I'd try and catch something different, something i've never caught before. Bowfin seemed like a interesting fish. I want to know how do you catch them? I know they can be quite aggressive, but if you have any tips on how to catch them, please reply. Thank you.
  10. oops, got a completely different vibe the first time reading, thats what i get for not reading the whole post
  11. Chuck... that fly is... inspiring, perfect for bass, fisher's right, pike and musky would love that too
  12. Nice fly, smallies will go for that, you might even hook up with some other fish as well. I might adapt that for pike, thanks for the idea, good luck with your fly.
  13. Nice flies, get them on the water and see what happens. Good luck
  14. Personally, have never tied this pattern, but if your fishing for smallies, i doubt they'll care, their not very finicky if you know what i mean. Hope your surgery goes well, and welcome back to fly fishing!!
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