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  1. Cheers Powershooter. Take your time. Got a lot of great ideas from your pics especially your choice of hook, biots and hackle. I'm going to try and incorporate some of that into my existing patterns and feed em to smallmouth come early spring.
  2. Awesome hellgrammite Powershooter. Do you have a materials list or even better SBS? That fly really looks the part. Nice work.
  3. Now that's a sweet looking Hornburg Norm. Versatile fly fished wet or dry.
  4. Nice looking fish and pond Mike! Would a float tube be allowed on that pond if a person wanted to throw flies? Thanks for the vids.
  5. Nice fish caloosa!! Love it when the action gets hot.
  6. Well now this is starting to make total sense. Recently the water flow has been purposefully slowed for water management. Perhaps the bottom feed has been affected and now the cats are feeding in locations and water columns we had not seen them in previously in the mid summer months. This particular area of river I was fishing today is well known bass habitat and maybe now the cats are moving in to compete for a tightening food supply. That would explain the double cat hookup today. I'd sure like to get into some bigger ones so I'll be more observant in the future.
  7. I often thought catfish were rather sluggish slow moving fish. Now I realize these fish can be quite aggressive and fast. I was stripping and pausing at a brisk pace along a weed bed when I noticed a wake behind the fly then it took.
  8. Well not my target species today but managed this channel on a woolly bugger that was supposed to be hunting for largemouth. Lots of fun and a pretty good fighter. Hooked another that got off.
  9. Nice Tidewaterfly! I need to expand my color offerings. Those look great.
  10. Rocco, how about some deer hair muddlers fished dry. If you pack the heads tight and grease them up they make great drys that will skate well. To ensure a better float you can tie them on a large dry fly hook rather than the recommended streamer hooks. Another good one is the deer hair bomber. A bit tedious to spin and shape but a great durable floater!! I've had good success with both.
  11. Okay Adam. What's the first fly your planning to tie on that beauty of a vise? Post pics please!
  12. Wow! Cream the belly hair color separation is awesome. I imagine the legs soften considerably in the water and give a kicking action when stripped. Nice work.
  13. I use these little poppers mainly for bluegill but it's amazing how many times the bass want in on the action too. An antenna who'd a thunk it? Various sizes and I bet could be made wickedly sharp as well. I'll keep that in mind next time I'm at the salvage yard. Cheers!
  14. Flipflops and a punch are the bomb! Go for a punch size slightly larger than the inside diameter of the straw. I go 1 mm larger. More friction better bond. If you have trouble getting a good bond, flip the fly upright in the vise and drip a tiny amount of regular or flexible super glue on the face of the popper. Gravity and capillary action will carry it to the bottom end of the body between the foam, straw and shank.
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