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  1. I remember you posting about your time there now that you mention it. Peacocks are definitely one to cross off my list
  2. Awesome thanks for the tips Mike! Will a 7 weight suffice?
  3. Long time no see guys! I used to be pretty active 5 or so years ago but haven't posted in forever. Anyhow I'm heading to oahu in May and I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into fishing down there. Locations, gear, flies, techniques, anything would be appreciated. It should be noted I plan to get a guide for at least a half day but would really like to do some fishing on my own as well.
  4. You're right it was Havasu, my bad. Still worth a trip for some stripers and other bass though. I was also surprised to see that the Nevada state record Salmon was caught there in such a deserty place.
  5. My favorite is the wifes uv nail gel, only because instead of "begging" for cash I can just say " why don't you pick up some nail polish in so and so color!" Its a win win !
  6. JSzymczyk, Big bluegill would most likely be my main target. As Mike mentioned, I think some guy pulled a four lb (if im not mistaken) record bluegill out last year. I would love to get into some stripers from kayak as well, but from what I have been told the stripers there are extremely stunted. So I may be better off chasing stripers to my east at Lake Powell. Anyhow, hopefully I can make it down there in the next little bit. Thanks for the Input everyone, if I make it down I will post a report for sure!
  7. After living in SO. Utah for 3 years it barely dawned on my stupid self that I live an hour away from Lake Mead. Im thinking I will definitely be making a trip or two this spring. Does anyone have any experience there, or thoughts on the lake in general?
  8. Make that +2 on FTD. He has great stuff at good prices so you can get a lot of it. If I were you I would pick up a holiday grab bag he does in November and December for like 10 or 12 bucks and see if you like. Everyone I've talked to who has purchased from FTD has been impressed!
  9. My problems are the exact opposite of most all of your guys'. I don't have enough air circulation at my tying station! I have sweaty hands basically 24/7, and as soon as I start to do intricate work with my hands it's like the faucet gets turned on. If I try to pluck a piece of marabou off of its string I usually end up with four or five extras. Partridge feathers aren't even an option unless I have some forceps or something to grab them with!
  10. As Crackaig, and Bimini stated techniques are what is most important. I would add zonkers to bimini's list of patterns they make good baitfish imitations and are cheap easy ties! As far as lake trout (aka mackinaw) go I may be in need of some enlightening. Here in Utah they are only in the biggest deepest lakes and are usually taken by trolling or fishing cut bait down deep. I haven't met anybody that targets them on the fly so I cant help you there. Hopefully someone comes along and fills us both in!
  11. Im late to the game but I would like to hear what happened. Did you confront him flats? If you really were shorted money I hope you did. If the tables were turned and you lied on your timecard you can be damn sure he would be "confronting" you. LOL Anyways, If this truly happened he stole your time and as you already know or will soon find out Time is the most valuable commodity you posses.
  12. Those knives look great. Forging/ knife making has always been something I've wanted to tinker around with, but living in a studio apartment can make that difficult.
  13. I agree with PD about it sounding scripted. Having your thoughts written down is always a good move, but you shouldn't use it as a crutch. Don't be afraid too speak off the cuff a bit and mix it up. If it helps, record your dialogue in short little bursts a few to several sentences at a time that way you don't have to remember as much. Plus, If you mess up its no biggie. This might lead to more editing on the audio side of things, but editing is key to making good films no matter what they are about! Good video overall though! The video editing was on point in my eyes.
  14. Wow I'm jealous! That thing is sweet I've been wanting to make the jump from a 5wt to a 7 or 8wt this makes me want to expedite that proccess
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