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  1. Cool I'll get that out to you now.
  2. Both killer sets gentlemen, caloosa I'm sending you my address now.
  3. Looks pretty killer tsmc, nice job everyone else as well.
  4. Nice looks, similar to mica powder tons of colors of that available as well, I use pearlex pretty often with epoxies.
  5. First try at a micro gamechanger, these spines are tiny.
  6. Tsfish did you use mica powder to color the base layer of that epoxy?
  7. You should do a video for this one, take the time to make it a good as I would actually like watch it and won't if I can't see it.
  8. I know I mention them a lot but sierra trading post is a great place to buy fairly expensive lines for 30ish dollars instead of 70+, I like nice things but I also don't like paying high prices for them.
  9. vicente


    I'm in CA, I feel the same as you.
  10. I'm well aware that it is slightly smaller i think the tolerance on my wolf's base is actually loose enough to except a 10mm post, but like poopdeck said I wouldn't consider boring the hole a little bit larger an issue if needed.
  11. A lot of times if it's something bigger like a deer, you can contact the game warden and they'll give you a paper ok-ing it. Fish and game has to remove the carcasses in a lot of areas and it's a lot easier for them to write a tag than it is to come back and pick up the rotting animal in 3 or 4 days when it makes it through the system.
  12. Looks great, glad you're back and feeling better.
  13. vicente


    Are you in MI poopdeck? I know you all have it rough, the whole contact tracing and crazy government stuff here scares me way more than the covid.
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