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  1. Sorry to hear that Nick, I hope her recovery is quick and easy.
  2. vicente


    Steve posted up on Facebook today he's over the hump still pretty fatigued, his mom is in the hospital but his post sounded hopeful that she will be ok.
  3. You don't need anything crazy for most fish the Lamson waterworks are pretty good have solid drag if you ever need it and well priced. Check Sierra trading post as well they often have good deals on old models or colors.
  4. The black bears I've eaten have been pretty good.
  5. vicente

    Cabin build

    Probably would've been best to dig the snow out of the cabin area, I haven't tried it myself but I imagine it makes a terrible foundation.
  6. Yes I do, not as often as bass is what's most easily available in my area but I do some trout coding as well.
  7. Bacchus thank you for the beautiful flys and box.
  8. All olive drab isn't gunna look prtty either, be ok with white trim. At the moment our shops are a pretty similar color scheme as I recently put on hardy siding and have been to lazy to paint.
  9. For some reason those letters make it look pricey.
  10. Got mine today, thanks again nick and those who supplied the bonus materials. On a side note whoever got the knife handwash and dry no dishwasher.
  11. It's stabilized buckeye, the pins are white g10, the blade is nitro-v stainless.
  12. Here's a few pictures of the knife I'm donating, as much as I was hoping not to use blue just so Mike would and complain about how someone else's knife wasn't blue enough they were these were the most suited cutoffs I had in the shop.
  13. I'm with you Mark, I expected "I fell while wading in waist deep water and my foot got stuck" or something of that nature.
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