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  1. Sent my address with my first post to you but I have heard of a couple of people not getting that post for some reason, so here goes:

    Kim Bowman

    505 Richards Rd

    Camillus  NY  13031

    Hope this helps.


    1. BHouk


      I was one of the others...  I found the original message by clicking on the icon for my account.  It does not show up under messages or on the forum itself.  Go figure.  User error?

    2. vicente


      Yea it's weird, I only saw this because it said bhouck had replied to my status update.

    3. WWKimba


      Sorry guys!  I'm not trying to keep secrets!! :)


  2. Pretty sure he was just talking about sink rate.
  3. Getting ready for a FL trip
  4. Yea my sister said it's been raining.
  5. Nice to see you back, I'm heading to fl Monday, I think one of your swap flys is right at the front of my to fish with list this year
  6. Welcome to the Beginner/Intermediate Swap.

    First, my mailing address:

    Kim Bowman

    505 Richards Rd.

    Camillus  NY  13031

    Now for future "regular" swaps this is all you'd get.  Unless it's 3 days before the deadline and the swapmeister (in this swap ME!) would've sent you at least three E-mails asking if you had dropped off the face of the earth and where are your flies - possibly not in that order!  As I said on the swap site do feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, etc...  This swap is for those who want to become better and more educated and confident tiers.  I also know that this may be your first swap so I want to walk you through the process so before long you are an old hat at this.

    I will be giving not only gifts of fly tying materials but also feedback on your choice of pattern.  Some things you may already know and that's fine but I come from a skill teaching background and I'd rather tell someone something they already know than to assume they know it and keep my mouth shut - and by the length of this post I think you can see I'm not that much of a tight lipped person!

    The Black Ghost is a nice choice for a classic streamer pattern!  I love old flies and Herb Welch's pattern from the late '20's fits the bill.  Besides, I love any New England, Catskill and Adirondack patterns!  The biggest trap I've ever found is keeping your thread wraps on the shank EVEN!  Then the rest of the body tends to fall into place.  Keep a good eye on your proportions and keep the hackles even and I believe we'll see a nice looking fly!


    PS - I believe this is not your FIRST swap but I like to give everyone the same welcome - glad to have you on board!

  7. vicente

    New Vise

    I think if I tied more I would buy a dyna king, I don't tie very much these days and would rather put money into my knifemaking equipment than a fancier vise that is mostly going to function the same as my atlas.
  8. I've got black ghosts tied so I'll join in with those.
  9. Gsp thread for spinning or attacking deer hair, i use 210 for most things
  10. I was going to get mine in the mail tomorrow up to you if you want to wait for them.
  11. vicente

    New Vise

    Depends on how much your looking to spend, I use a Wolff Indiana atlas, they're 150-175 depending on where you buy them. I have been very happy with mine it's well built and comes with both a pedestal base which is what I use at home and a clamp that I used when I went to FL last year so I didn't have to pack the heavy base.
  12. I know but it still shouldn't be said.
  13. In this day and age that's not something you should ever say especially online.
  14. Beautiful flys as always Pete, I've missed seeing them.
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