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  1. Partsman, Do you think there would be enough interest next winter for a Murdich Minnow swap?
  2. Per your request for a close up. Hooks B10s - one is a 2 the other is a 1 tail is white bucktail, pearl flashabou, and gold Flashabou Steve Farrah’s white flash blend large pearl cactus chenille Saffron color marker
  3. Capt Bob They were on B10s size 2. I mailed them yesterday. I have a day of yard work and will tie one up tomorrow and post a close up. I will tie it on a 1/0, as I ran out of size 2.
  4. Bruce, Beautiful stacking and packing!
  5. A friend needed an emergency bunch of gold Murdich Minnows. I tied these up for him and will get them in the mail today.
  6. For a variety of issues we had only been fishing once this year. We are up over 6” of rain this year, meaning the rivers are up and running faster. The rivers are coming down and we have some hot weather. When we launched the water was 76 degrees and it warmed up to 78. We caught a bunch of smalls and missed even more. Strikes ranged from sips to smashes. As it was the second time out, there was a steep learning curve. Ultimately it was Murdich minnows over rocks and Boogle Bugs tight to shore or weedline. The smallies were great fighters. We hope to get out more and will post more.
  7. Mark, That is an outstanding set of knives!
  8. Norm, I am really liking the Kloof
  9. Capt Bob, Do you have a website? I tried to send you an email, but it failed. Thanks, Tom
  10. Mark, Thanks for all the great pictures and report. Is this going to be an annual event? Tom
  11. My wife and I were introduced to the Boomerang several years ago by our guide in Canada. We used braided line on our spinning and bait casting reels and it smoothly and accurately cuts 8-80 lb test braid. Our tippet on the fly rods is measured in pounds, not Xs. It works well for us on braid, flouro, and mono. Tom
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