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  1. Two black and copper tied on 5/0 hooks. Smaller one is 9”. Larger one has an articulated shank in front of the hook and total length is 11”.
  2. Mike Nice video and nice fish. Nice to see someone out fishing. In less than 6 months I will be out and doing the same. Tom
  3. Nick Your leadership has really made this a great event. Tom
  4. Black and Copper hook - Gamakatsu 5/0 thread - black Black bucktail Copper Flashabou and krystal flash Black saddle hackle EP brushes
  5. That is a terrific set of flies Norm!
  6. Bullhead How about posting some of your pike flies?
  7. The weather is almost too good , but I was able to schedule one more float trip. Just tied this up Hook - 5/0 Thread - tan Bucktail - brown, tan, and pink Brown and pink/grizzly saddle hackle Copper, pink flashabou and krystal flash EP brush
  8. Firetiger 5/0 hooks, one also has articulation shanks Bucktail- Fl Orange, Fl Yellow, Fl Green Orange, Yellow, Green Grizzly saddle hackle Orange, green, yellow krystal flash and flashabou
  9. Black and copper 5/0 hook , one also has articulation shanks - Black saddle hackle - copper flashabou and krystal flash - black bucktail
  10. Let us know how the water proofing goes. I have tied some large dragons. They have great action, but get very heavy when water logged.
  11. I have had trigger finger and my hand doctor solved it with an injection. Getting old is not for sissies.
  12. For the last three years I have been buying my necks from Root River Hackle. I only use saddles and they really meet my needs. The feathers are great. They are a mom/pop business in Lanesboro, MN. I am not related to them and have no relationship other than I purchase from them. They do have great service and will dye to meet your needs. I am not trying to get in a debate about all the other great feather sources. I was looking for a local source and found it. Tom
  13. Hate to say it, but remaining trips for the year have been canceled. Six months to tie and organize for next year.
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