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  1. Scott I really like the looks of this fly and your tie! tom
  2. There are a series of ifs, but I hope we can use these...
  3. Tying some smallie flies for hopefully an upcoming trip.
  4. I tied some squirmies for crappies, but was not happy with them. Today was better.. Hopefully tomorrow they will be even better.
  5. I'll post some more later and am looking for feedback. I am trying to tie some crappie flies on size 4 jig hooks and the plastic keeps rotating. The previous fly is for bass.
  6. The quality of people and their responses is why this is such a great forum.
  7. I agree. It should go in a display box.
  8. Jeff, That pattern looks like a terrific smallie fly. Are you going to post an SBS on "Bobcat"? Tom
  9. A pattern on a 5/0 hook I call "The Mike". In a concession to fishability rather than authenticity, the haircut is on the bottom.
  10. Looking at last year's successful patterns and trying some variations. Both tied on 5/0 hooks.
  11. Kimo, That box of micros is outstanding. It should provide you with great fishing this spring. Tom
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