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  1. I started using it last year and really like it. But, I still use super glue and Sally Hansen.
  2. +1 on what Philly said. Keep it simple: surface - poppers, etc midrange - divers or Murdich minnows deeper - tequelly Invest your energy on the water. The patterns you will end up liking will evolve.
  3. Fishing with a popper the other day and casting to structure. A smallie came and inspected the popper on the left side. Another pop and it went behind and inspected it again. All fins were in motion. Another pop and it moved to o the right side, inspected it more and gently sipped the popper. A nice fight, brought to the boat, a quick photo, and a release. It seemed larger in the water. However, it really messed up the popper I have been catching fish on the past several weeks. The nice thing about tying your own, is that you can repair them. The eyes show the amount of fish contact and the foam shows wear and tear, but I am looking forward to using it again. It must give off the right sounds and vibrations.
  4. Great report and pictures
  5. My wife and I floated a section of a river in NW Wisconsin with a guide yesterday. We have fished with for 10 years, so it is like fishing with a highly skilled friend. The weather was warm and calm with high bluebird skies. Sorry for the sideways pictures. The primary hatch was Ephemeralla Tubous. So we dodged groups of tubes throughout the day. Lots of ducks and eagles. Many of the smallies were tucked away under branches or cut banks. I have been fishing a lot with my new rod that Steve built. With it, I am casting way above my pay grade. The casts are longer and straighter and I can curve them to get around obstacles. What I really like is the improved efficiency of the casting stroke. The best fish of the day was 18.5” and was tucked between overhang and a stick pile. The guide and I worked very well together and maneuvered the fish around and through the stick pile. I was covered up and got no sunburn on my face. It was a long day with 6 hours of driving and 9 hours of fishing. We slept well last night. Most fish were caught on Boogle Bugs and deer hair frogs. I think the next float will be midweek. The next picture is of a dragonfly fly that landed in the boat. It is missing part of it’s abdomen.
  6. After seeing yesterday’s pictures, the three year old grandson wanted to go fishing. We left the fly rods home and took our son and grandson out for about an hour’s worth of fishing. It was fun and he landed two sunfish. He was so worn out that he did not want to drive the boat on the way back. Trying to keep him interested and in maybe a couple of years I can give him my Fenwick 755 fly rod and get him started on a lifetime of joy. Every time he comes over he sits at my tying desk and pretends to tie flies.
  7. Nice fish and story. An overall very memorable day.
  8. Beautiful scenery and fish. I miss the days of walking and wading in the waters of the West and catching trout.
  9. Mike remember there is no such thing as bad weather, merely bad clothing.
  10. Is he berry good at the task?
  11. My wife and I fished Tonka today before the wind and the wake boats came out. We both fished on top. I used a foam popper, that has seen better days. Fish were hitting it hard and I am posting two smallies and a largemouth. The bigger smallie was 18.5”, however she caught the big one for the day. It was a 19” largemouth.
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