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  1. That's the weird part, they have not been trimmed. The tips feather down almost like a turkey flat but not that soft. But goose may be the answer. Back to the research.
  2. Hey Y'all. Does anyone know what type of feathers these are. They are very stiff almost like what you would find on a dart or arrow but not that big. I have seen them before but can't place them. I ended up with three sacks of grey, black and white feathers that I found in a sale. They are very symmetrical and do not look to be dyed. Thanks in advance
  3. I saw this pop up on my email notifications and although I can not see the top of my desk............. There are so many good ones but if I had to pick one, The Benchsid Introduction, as mntioned in he earlier post, would be it. I found when starting that I needed a few books as they all had somehing different and explained it in a way that they melde together. I also have a lot of books I will never open again. Not bad, but not worth it. I learn a lot visually, so You Tube for me is the way to go.
  4. Start with the States rules and regulations.
  5. I would have the next chapter, after tying a wolly bugger or some other pattern, on how to fish it. This being a digital book, thanks to mikechell, one can not get the next chapter until they fished it and caught something. There is nothing like catching a fish on your first fly.
  6. I don't like anything around my neck. If its too hot for a vest go to shirts and shorts with large pockets. My glasses will have a lanyard around them but if iam wearing them I don't feel the friction.
  7. Try to pick up an auction on the bay for some vintage feathers. You can buy them for next to nothing and the quality, for wet flys, we're a lot better. Less fluff and garbage. I also like full skins.
  8. I wouldn't want to damage my scissors or I might try it. Just looking at my desk, right now, I can also see five jars of Sally Hansons, a dyna king cement container that contains something, and a fresh quart of lacquer I picked up at home depot for some reason. I can see a tube of rtv silicon for some purpose I must have had in mind at one time, and behind that one of those multi packs of super glue. The sad part is I rarely use head cement. The Don
  9. Inversion never believed in practice so I'll go that route. I view it like letting a wine breath, which is just a good waste of drinking time. Actually, at most, I only tie 5or 6 flies in a sitting.
  10. You have to mix things up once in awhile. So I cleaned my tying desk. Lol. I found stuff I have been looking for since the fall. Man do I own a lot of scissors. I still would not get rid of any but I counted 22 first class scissors. I hope I am not becoming a hoarder.
  11. I had a hard time with dubbing them at first. But they are meant to catch fish and not win awards. I have also tied them with silk dubbing but scruffy is the best.
  12. Try coffin furs. They have good quality material.. Do you mean limited success in tying them? It takes awhile to get the technique down. It's all in the hair. If you get a chance, look at Fran Betters book on tying. He invented the "Usual" which is the snowshoe rabbit pattern and the "Haystack" which is we're the comparadun came from. Type in the usual and haystack on you tube. While you are at it, type his name in too. He was an upstate NY boy too.
  13. Henning: I hope you have room for all of us. lol That fish is unreal!
  14. Hans: That is a very nice tie. I don't think the 2488 goes down to a thirty two? I love tying small and have good succes with them, the hard part is tying them on on the water, at least for me. lol What kind of camera do you use? I have a Nikon D3100 but I use for work and long distance work. I pray every day that I don't get another hobby, like cameras. Ted. .
  15. I never liked the 32 Tiemco. They had such wide gaps. I am still in search of some blind eye mustad 277, size 32 to use as rod inlays.
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