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  1. Al Campbell, his tying instruction on Fly Anglers On Line got me started! I continue to refer back to his instructions!🤠
  2. San Juan worm is about as easy as it gets, great for Trout! Egg
  3. I followed a link provided on this site. There were a few listed, that I looked at, they were clones! All the true Peaks were full advertised price! To narrow this down, I have never seen a lower price on a REAL Peak! They DON'T DISCOUNT!
  4. I can’t wait to tye up a batch! I’ve got to get some more foam, especially green round foam.
  5. Hi Rjohn7, I’m just getting started again, anything you don’t want or need would be so appreciated! This is an awesome offer! I’m thanking you in advance! Address messaged!
  6. Hi Mike, Thanks so much for the link, very helpful! There are actually several helpful links there too! I really appreciate you sharing the links!
  7. I started fly fishing over 14 years ago, the tying started soon after. A year later, my wife got cancer, The tying is all that kept me sane. I lost her 4 years later, again the tying kept me from feeling sorry for myself. About 5 years ago, my health bottomed out, I thought I would not be able to keep fishing so I sold all My equipment, sadly this included all my tying stuff? In the last year or two, the LORD has been restoring My health so I have been buying some stuff again, of course this includes my tying stuff. I have had to Settle for less than my favorite vise, but I’m back!
  8. This is the first mention I have seen, I wish I knew more!
  9. Awesome and great ideals guys! Purty much just get to tying, something will eat it! Seems like it is going To be about as versatile as all the Wooly buggers!
  10. Thanks so much! The first set appear to be tyed on dry fly hooks, the second set on scud hooks, correct? What sizes? I love fishing ultralight, 2wt up to 4wt. The first set look light great panfish flies! I really appreciate you!
  11. Ive seen mentioned and pictures of a mop fly? Has anyone used or tyed a mop fly and what was your experience? If you have tyed them what sizes and colors worked best? Thanks for your help? Very Kind Regards, Charlie1947
  12. Thanks very much! Great info is very appreciated!
  13. Thanks guys! BTW, I apologize for the double post. I tried to post but got an error message that I was posting too fast, but it was my only post. I checked to see if it did post, there was nothing there. Then when I posted the second time, both posts were there. I couldn't find any way to delete one of them!
  14. I would like to acquire some of your knowledge! I need help with painting poppers. I haven't made my own until now. However, I've been tying for quite a while. What paint do you use, spray or brush, acrylic or others? Do you also clearcoat? Favorite brands? What colors work best for you? Thank-you so much!
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