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  1. Yes and I love it. Two problems, you have to remember to release the tension before you cut your thread or else you will be rethreading it. Second one is some times with some spools the print is too lose. just thought I would balance out the conversation
  2. I’m still working with my Hobbs strung peacock herl. It was a yard of the long stuff. I miss that place also.
  3. Don’t stop there. Get one of the desktop lasers. Way more you can cut with the laser
  4. I have both, if you stop at a 12 hook yes that is all you need. I also have a midge head. I rarely use it.
  5. I’m a more productive tier when I use a book. When I use the internet I tend to surf the way 5 people have done it. It’s easy to spend a long time watching tying videos on you tube. just my 2 cents
  6. A great companion book to this is the bench side introduction to fly tying. Great for beginners
  7. I use old fedex envelopes instead of coffee filters. The white ones that feel like tyvex house wrap. If you have house wrap you can use that. I don’t think it is any better but it sure is more durable. For basic colors you can’t beat the price of harbor freight for the powder. I also mix in my own colors to the basic white powder. Its not suppose to wrk according to the experts but works fine for me. Look for powder based colors. In the industry they are called lakes. Dyes are water soluble, lakes are not.
  8. Learned from someone else but 3d fabric paint works great and is dirt cheap. The to good to be true part is it take a while to dry
  9. Never tried the no ride one but I do like the ekich. It does take a while to get use to. can’t tell you how many times I’ve cut off the thread to watch the spring suck it right back to the spool. I rarely do that now. The only complaint I have is with the o-ring that holds the spool tight. Some spools are too lose. Thinking cheap spools are held to a tight inside hole tolerance is wishful thinking, sometimes I have to use a different o-ring
  10. I have a multi led light like those you show as well as the deer creek laser pen. I find myself using the laser pen 90 percent of the time. It is very nice to control the cure. I use the multi bulb unit when the area very large such as doming over a doll eye.
  11. I have had an Ekich for a couple of years. It sat around most of the time. Mainly because I would always forget to release the tension before I cut the thread and retreading drove me nuts. . In the last 3 months I picked it up again, mainly because I get sick of rewinding thread back on spools. Now that I am use to it I love it but it does take a while to get use to. I still use lots of different bobbins because I like to have thread spooled up but if I am tying a bunch of something I will now grab the ekich and spool it up.
  12. Chugbug, where were you when I started tying. Dead on for what he is trying to tie. Flytier your list is good to.
  13. think rite bobbins and all the knockoffs/improvements depending on your view.
  14. Nice. I have scored quite a few fibers that way. Angelina was my firsts find at my wife’s fiber store. Lots of other good stuff they call synthetic fibers. One of them is very similar to ep fibers
  15. Also very cool. Does the weight start to get up there with foam ?
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