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  1. Got mine one of the best sets of swap flys I have gotten. These will be put to go use thanks for hosting Kevin
  2. Those were mine I totally forgot the name tags. I guess I had a senior moment. Frank
  3. I only have 1 more to make they will be in on time
  4. I love them make changing tippet size easy no issue casting. Use 2mm for drys and 3mm for everything else.
  5. First attempt at this one. Need to leave a little more room up front
  6. I will jump in been wanting to try the King Rat from the spring 2018 fly tyer
  7. Mine arrived today just waiting for the snow to stop. Nice job by everyone
  8. Heading for Altmar 3/23 should be a fun weekend. Had 39 at my house on Fri and looking at 12 this week. Hope it all stays East of the Salmon river
  9. Cool glad to see they made it thanks for the update
  10. Kevin have a bad feeling someone else got my set. USPS tracking say they made it to a mail box in your town last Fri. I sent you a PM if you do t see them in the next 2 days I will send replacements by Monday. Were ever they are I hope who ever gets them willl enjoy them Frank
  11. I will get mine I mail this week
  12. 14F this morning felt like a heat wave. Snowing now and then it is going to get cold -15 for the weekend
  13. Daughter got me a pair of Carson fly tying glass for Xmas. They are 2x and clip on my glasses I love them easy to flip up when not needed. I have tried different stationary magnifiers but never liked them these seem to do the trick
  14. I got a very nice box from Camo Clad Warrier with some sweet fly that will definently get put to use. Also got lots of extra material. All and all a very nice swap. Thanks to everyone hope all have a prosperous new year Frank (wet sock)
  15. I got home today opened door and tripped over package. There is a Santa😁
  16. Vic this just goes to show how much it takes to host a swap. I will keep checking the mail it kind of like Xmas everyday with anticipation. Sorry to hear all the trouble your going though but while reading your post it did bring a smile to my face. Don't sweat the small stuff. Frank
  17. Still waiting on my gift from Santa. Hope they didn't get lost in mail. It's like Christmas Story everyday checking the mail
  18. Got mine yesterday the fish are going to be in trouble once the ice is gone. Nice job by everyone!
  19. Frenchie Hook: #14 Saber 5220 round bend jig Bead: 7/64" slotted tungsten gold Thread: UTC140 Fl. Cerise Tail/Body: Pheasent tail Rib: UTC copper MES. Thorax: UV2 Sealex flame red
  20. I am in with a Hendrickson cycle just so I have it correct I need to do 3 life cycle of 4 flys each an I correct?
  21. Mine are on their way. A Easter Freestone collection. I am not picky anything from Sante other the coal I look at as a bonus
  22. Kevin was going to ship this morning but lost your address. Please send. Flys will be in the mail this week
  23. Like the idea of extras. I will be sure to include something it's always nice to get a suprise
  24. After look at a few patterns I desided to tie a Frenchie in a jig hook as a anchor fly
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