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  1. Also wondering about Kimo, Scott P, Craigack, Bazzer? Thanks, Bob H
  2. The goose shoulder that I have (Hareline) has wispy fiber tips on the bottom 2/3 of the length of the feather, leaving only the top 1/3 to use when tying. Is the McLain (or any other brand) different in this regard; in other words is the entire feather usable (other than the bottom fluff)? If the entire feather is usable, then they are probably worth the premium price. Also, the shoulder feathers that I have appear to be mirrored right and left on each feather. But, when I try to match slips from each side of the same feather for marrying, it doesn't work and I have to use what appear to be a right and left feather to get them to marry. Is that always the case? Thanks, Bob H
  3. CP How do you like the M&P EZ 9mm? Are the slide and magazine as easy to use as they advertise? Wish they had a larger mag. Thanks, Bob H
  4. BobHRAH

    A real watch.

    I have my dad's gold Longines Automatic from 1958. I have worn it virtually every day since he passed in 1967. But, no, I don't wear it when fishing or on vacation. Thanks, Bob H
  5. What nm light is best for fly tying uv resins? I want to get a new rechargeable light, and have mainly Solarez resins on hand. If I run out, I would probably switch to Silver Creek. Thanks,, Bob H
  6. I am wondering what, if any, experience the folks here have with either, or ideally, both of these tools. They both seem to offer the ability to hold the loop open at the bottom, which is a feature that I'm looking to use. I've seen reviews by Fly Fish Food, Cast by John, Spawn FF. Cheech reviewed the Smhaen after he reviewed the Swiss tool, but gives no definitive comparison. So what have you folks experienced? Thanks, Bob H
  7. Flyjake, Thanks for the elaboration. You offer some factors that I hadn't considered; especially the public access feature. Thanks, Bob H
  8. How would this be better than just saving links to the individual demos in Favorites ? Thanks, Bob H
  9. Has HMH resolved the problem that Mark had to fix for SalarMan, or do current versions still require tuning? Thanks, Bob H
  10. I have a pretty extensive collection, also, including the Radencich's. But, the 3 that I keep near my vise are Benchside Reference (Leeson and Schollmeyer), Bergmans Trout, and Bates Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing at all times, and currently, Dave Hughes Wet Flies, 2nd edition. Thanks, Bob H
  11. Those schoolie flies are really interesting. I see one where one of the following flies is attached with mono, but how are you attaching the other bodies to the main hook. Thanks, Bob H
  12. Just got these: Amazon.com: New Brothread 100pcs Thread Spool Savers / Spool Huggers - Prevent Thread Tails from Unwinding - No Loose Ends for Sewing and Embroidery Machine Thread Spools : Arts, Crafts & Sewing. Easier to use than the spiral binders, which also get brittle and break. Colors good for id if needed. Thanks, Bob H
  13. I second Flytire's suggestion. 7 spools is not a lot, and to have to open each tube and juggle spools to get to the one you want is a pain. The boxes are great; hold 20 spools as you can see. I get mine from FeatherCraft. They stack nicely, but sometimes do need a rubber band to keep them closed. I probably have 20+. Thanks, Bob H
  14. Has anyone used any of these fairly new(?) hackles, and if so, what is your opinion. Any other suggestions for flat wing saddles, especially in broader color selection? Thanks, Bob H PS: Glad FTF is back in biz.
  15. I have Veevus 12/0 in black only. It definitely is finer than my Danville Fly Master 6/0. Might there be product inconsistency, or mislabeling as Norm suggests. The Veevus 16/0 is even finer, but also much weaker. I had usually used Griffiths 14/0 for something finer than my FM, but have been trying the Veevus 12/0 because Norm has been using it regularly. And, I find the GG and Veevus to be pretty similar. GSP thread is great for hair because of strength, but too slippery for my routine use. Barry Ord Clark used it for quite a while, but lately has been using GG 14/0 Sheer. Thanks, Bob H
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