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  1. If I recall correctly, up-eye hooks were for use, among other things, with the Turle knot which looped behind the eye. The up-eye also allows a greater gap than the down eye, especially in smaller sizes, as Silver points out. Thanks, Bob H
  2. I've wondered about mourning dove feathers, too. Anyone know of a commercial source for the skins? On-line search found none. And how about urban pigeon skins; should be lots of good stuff on those, too. Thanks, Bob H
  3. In a class with Davy Wotton, he explained the difference between tip tie in vs. stem tie in. Tie in by the tip will have the fibers flowing rearward. Tie in by the stem will have the fibers perpendicular to the shank. It all depends on the look/action you want. Feather selection depends on the structure of the feather; some have heavier stems and/or fibers than others. Again, it depends on what you want to achieve. Thanks, Bob H
  4. Small denier (50 or 70) GSP is good for any smaller hair fly. It's all that Dennis Potter uses for hair flies. Thanks, Bob H
  5. I like the idea of using the silk tag end as a shellback. I do it with all floss tags/tips, but never for the entire body. THANKS, Bob H
  6. WFC= Wholesale Fly Company http://www.wholesaleflycompany.com/ Great source for beads, too. Thanks, Bob H
  7. Does anyone know if it has been updated with new material? Or is it just a new printing of the original? Thanks, Bob H
  8. Have not seen photos of you tying, but I would check to be sure the hook is properly placed in the jaws. There is a tendency sometimes to put the hook at the very tip of the jaws to expose the most hook possible. This is improper and does put undue stress on the jaws. I have heard that Renzetti and Regal will not provide warranty coverage in these cases. Just a guess. Good luck in resolving the issue. Thanks, Bob H
  9. I agree with Flytire about Don Bastian; he da man. Try to get a copy of his DVDs: Wet Flies and Advanced Wet Flies (his streamer DVD, too). Great photography and explicit, understandable explanations. Wish he had a YouTube channel or demos on his (inactive) website. Thanks, Bob H
  10. I have an older Presentation (2 screws, no lever) and have the same problem. The small (upper) screw does get in the way. I guess for the most part, I have learned to live with it. If I get really annoyed, I'll switch to my Regal. Sorry I couldn't help more. Thanks, Bob H
  11. Heard a presentation by Steve Schweizer (formerly with Whiting) where he recommended storing the packages on their sides like file folders, not all piled on top of each other. Besides being better for the skins, I think it allows for somewhat more compact storage. Thanks, Bob H
  12. Good looking bugs. How does all that synthetic winging affect casting? Thanks, Bob H
  13. Mr. Deck, Please identify which is the no name fly for stupid carp, and list the materials. The original Clouser Swimming Nymph is one of my all time favorites. What did you use for the feather legs/hackle on yours? Thanks, Bob H
  14. Are you tying down on bare stems? Very hard to keep them aligned and on top of hook. Try tying down a few mm behind the forward most fibers, ala Don Bastian. Works well with cheeks and/or shoulders as they cover where the thread compressed the fibers. Thanks, Bob H
  15. Is there an English version of the youtube series? Google said it cannot be translated. Thanks, Bob H
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