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  1. Heard a presentation by Steve Schweizer (formerly with Whiting) where he recommended storing the packages on their sides like file folders, not all piled on top of each other. Besides being better for the skins, I think it allows for somewhat more compact storage. Thanks, Bob H
  2. Good looking bugs. How does all that synthetic winging affect casting? Thanks, Bob H
  3. Mr. Deck, Please identify which is the no name fly for stupid carp, and list the materials. The original Clouser Swimming Nymph is one of my all time favorites. What did you use for the feather legs/hackle on yours? Thanks, Bob H
  4. Are you tying down on bare stems? Very hard to keep them aligned and on top of hook. Try tying down a few mm behind the forward most fibers, ala Don Bastian. Works well with cheeks and/or shoulders as they cover where the thread compressed the fibers. Thanks, Bob H
  5. Is there an English version of the youtube series? Google said it cannot be translated. Thanks, Bob H
  6. Anyone tie in at the butt or base of the fibers ala Davy Wotton? Pull the feather straight up before wrapping, and do not fold as you wrap. This method results in the fibers sticking out perpendicular to the hook, rather than leaning rearward. Gives a different look and action. Thanks, Bob H
  7. Tried to order the Matarelli bobbins from Badger Creek last week. He is all sold out. I have not been able to find original Matarelli bobbins anywhere (original with FM stamped on the foot, not just 'Matarelli style'). If anyone has a source, would love to hear about it. Thanks, Bob H
  8. Kevin Feenstra is a guide in your general neck of the woods and has designed and used a good number of flies with trailer hooks. Check out: feenstraoutdoors.com (sorry, link would not paste). Not only will you see patterns with trailer hooks, but some remarkably unique flies. My own experience with trailer hook flies is limited, probably because I'm lazy in regard to constructing them. Good Luck. Thanks, Bob H
  9. My choice is Craftmate Lockables carried by Michaels and Amazon. (sorry, link would not paste here). Best feature is that the lock allows only 1 compartment to be open at a time, so spills are not catastrophic. Little pricey, and they don't hold much over 1/0 depending on style, But smaller than that are very compact, some with nice cases. thanks, Bob H
  10. Thanks folks! Currently putting together an order. Thanks, Bob H
  11. Is anyone familiar with this vendor? www.wholesaleflycompany.com I searched this site and all I found was a mention by Kimo that he gets beads from them. Has anyone else had any experience with them? Their bead and hook prices are incredibly low, and, especially with beads, they have a great selection. Thanks, Bob H
  12. If you Google 'knotted pheasant tail legs' you will find lots of sources on directions for doing this. And you will find retail products available that are pre-tied; probably a good choice if you are doing only a small amount. Good Luck and have fun. Thanks, Bob H
  13. Norm, It's probably only bait if you leave the salami in it? Thanks, Bob H
  14. Use as a heron sub on spey flies. Thanks, Bob H
  15. Jack Gartside: Soft Hackle Streamer, Pheasant Hopper, Sparrow. Great innovative patterns with different natural material. I had the good fortune to acquire some of his patterns tied by him personally. Also, took a fly tying class with him at the NJ Symposium. Cool guy. Thanks, Bob H
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