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  1. I am working on getting back into tying again...
  2. Can’t give you but general advice, which is covered already in the first reply. But try to research the area you are visiting and see what works locally.
  3. It is a tricky question. There are a bunch of very, very good, and totally free, video editors. Just remember that the longer the list of features, the steepest the learning curve. Plus some require decent computing power, some are only for this or that system, etc.. The best one I know is DaVinci Resolve: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/ This one is pro level. The page and the software can be intimidating to a novice. Go all the way to the bottom to find the free dowload. Requires a decent graphics card, but I can’t remember specs. A couple of steps below in the crap your pants scale are OpenShot and Kdenlive. Both have worked well for me in the past for basic editing. Easy to find online and lots of youtube video tutorials. Hope it helps.
  4. Sorry I missed it. My best guess is 8lbs. 7oz. of good karma for Mike W
  5. Yes... It’s going to have to be a downstairs only dog. Can’t imagine if he got into the hackle drawer.
  6. I get it guys, I do. But size is a real factor because we will travel with the dog. Airlines have restrictions. The pound and rescue places have some real cute pups, but they are going to be mostly big dogs. Even the ones that look like smaller breeds are unknowns as there is no info on parents.
  7. No problem with the mixing. I have a problem with the mass producing, mixed breed or pure. I am finding out that the breeders that really care about the pups are the small, family owned type places. And there are not many of those around here for Cavapoos. It is easy to find the puppies through online “brokers”, but they have not convinced us so far. And, yes, the prices can be ridiculous.
  8. Thinking about getting one for the kids. Interested mostly in finding a breeder you may know and have good things to say about.
  9. Hey neighbor! I am down in Lake Worth/Boynton. You are in the right place to get your tying going again.
  10. Scott, that is not you in the video, is it?
  11. That’s is a cool looking fly. I really enjoy it when you post flies from far away places.
  12. Page 9, minus my comment, is one to be remembered.
  13. Strip and check the hook. The only ones I have ever thrown away are rusty bugs and some “armored” types built with superglue, epoxy, UV, etc
  14. I jumped in the deep end of this pool without a float. Never did any RC but I decided to go directly into piecing together a drone. Don’t have much time for it, so it is a slooooooow process, but pretty interesting and it has taught me quite a bit.
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