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  1. partsman


    It’s a shame people from nearby cities bring there unwanted cats out here to the country and drop and run. Unfortunately for the cats, most folks out here don’t like feral cats so they don’t last wrong around here. Mike.
  2. I’ve been tying a lot of goose biot body flys the last few days, and I’ve had major frustration with my old style hackle pliers wrapping this things! The c&f pliers are on the radar for sure. I just ordered a tiemco bobbin to replace my forty something year old bobbin which has started very subtlety to cut thread. I guess I look at my buying tools as something to leave to my grandkids. Mike
  3. Tier, it’s 5 degrees up there? Geez it was minus 18 this morning here in my part of Michigan! I am in complete agreement with you on Florida right now, my grand parents had a place near weeki washi springs back in 1970s. Many parts of Florida were still small town rural and very fun to visit. The fishing was a blast, we fished the canals leading into the gulf, and you never new what you were going to catch. We also used to go out on a party boat from tarpon springs, what a blast, and 80 degrees in January was a huge plus. Oh well hang in there spring will here and then time will fly by. Mike.
  4. Toothy, your hendricksons are very nice. For that matter everyone’s work shown here is excellent! Thanks for sharing. Mike.
  5. very nice D, the desk is beautiful! Keep the pictures coming. Please forgive my errors, I’m now trying to use a new IPad. It’s pretty cool, but its all new to me. Mike.
  6. My safe space, and memories room, love to tie, I'm not very good at it even though I've been at it for nearly 55 years! My flies catch fish, so I guess that's all that matters. Mike.
  7. A nice fall brown taken on a streamer, somewhere in northern Michigan. I hope this worked not sure. Mike. Uploaded Images
  8. I tie and fish the Borchers parachute, its kind of covers all lot of the brown bugs that inhabit many of the streams in northern Michigan. Check out Tim Neals video on tying the parachute Borcher, he has series on Michigan flies. Mike.
  9. Hmm, my wife got one for a retirement gift this year, its pretty amazing what she can make. I never thought about this, but I may just have to give it a go. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Very nice Micke.H, I was at our car dealership the other day and the salesman in the next cubicle from us had pike streamers and pictures of pike and smallmouth bass hanging all over his bulletin board. I'm inspired to try some of these. I have always thought the back waters of the Ausable river at Loud dam would be perfect for stripping streamers. Mike.
  11. Very cool, I'm inspired now. Actually my wife and I went to our car dealer to trade in her lease, and the salesman in the cubicle had pike and smallmouth streamers hanging all around his desk. I think I'm to give some of these a go. Thanks, Mike.
  12. Nice video, thanks for sharing. Mike.
  13. Jason, very cool! Especially the snowshoe emerger and the grizzly tail jig! Those are patterns I believe would work well here in Michigan. Very nice, keep up the good work. Mike.
  14. Thanks for link, I watche last night also, there are some very helpful tips on the video. I also have there book, also lots of great tips. Mike.
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