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  1. Like those, my favorite smb streamer.
  2. Awesome Bruce, my local river here in Shiawassee county is still running to high to safely wade for me. That is a good looking pattern! Mike.
  3. The older I get and I’m 66 years old now, but staying comfortable is of primary importance to me. Yesterday it was colder than I expected and I didn’t bring the right stuff, I was not comfortable and couldn’t get warm all day long. Of course after being up since 3:30 am and driving 2.5 hours north and fishing all day I finally got warm enough on the way home with the heat going full blast. Which of course lead to sleepy eye syndrome. I had to stop a couple of times and get out and walk around a bit and have a coffee. Getting cold really never used to bother me, now getting to warm I never liked, but I need to find some nice warm lightweight insulated underwear that breathes and feels good. I’m done being uncomfortable. Mike.
  4. Very cool, your nymphs, especially the black scorpion are really cool.
  5. Great score! I’m 66 years old and have been fly fishing for a lot of those years and I still can’t make up my mind which means of carrying stuff Iike. Maybe when I grow up I’ll figure it out.😉
  6. Dean, yes I’ve been trying to things together, I also bought a bamboo fly rod blank that I’m trying to finish up. I read a article on making floatant that’s similar to fly Agra so yea doing that to. Mike.
  7. I typically fish in the winter, I just pick my days when the weather and the roads aren’t to bad. My biggest problem was my feet, I wear size 9 1/2 shoes so I bought some size 13 wading boots and wear one thinner pair of wool and one heavy pair of alpaca socks and I’ve got room to wiggle my toes. This year so far no fishing , came down with COVID in early December and still dealing with some after affects. I do need to get up to Grayling soon, I purchased a bamboo fly rod blank from a builder up there and it’s ready for pickup. Mike.
  8. I would suggest watching some of Tim Neal’s tying videos. His website is best value fly tying, but his videos are Michigan based flies, primarily parachute dries and emergers. While he uses mostly deer belly hair for his parachutes it’s not hard to make the jump to synthetic materials. I also like his style of wrapping the post, and his videos are pretty helpful. Mike.
  9. Yup he’s going to like that!
  10. I prefer the dental floss pulls, cheap and last forever. Mike.
  11. Mark, that is cool! Thanks for the all work you put into the sbs! Mike.
  12. Cool, looking forward to sbs. Definitely a smallmouth killer.
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