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  1. Years ago I was fishing from shore on the tenn. River using open faced reel #6 eagle claw barbed hooks and night crawlers for catfish. I was not paying attention talking to my wife, the line bent the pole as I was hooking a night crawler and it slipped out of my hand with the hook inbeded past the barb at the tip of my index finger. Actually didn't hurt to much, but after brain storming the only thing I can do was push it out the other side and cut the barb off then remove the hook. Now that hurt like hell grabbing the hook with needle nosed pliers and pushing the hook through my finger, you would be surprise how damn tuff skin really is, and it took a while to push it out using force. I try to be as careful as possible now.
  2. Ok with all my mite fighting carpel tunnel and arthritis they are done 2 for each participant. First time with UV. They will be in the mail tomorrow. There not perfect but they catch trout, walker river with runoff fast moving water, 2 bookies. 😉 Tightlines
  3. Ok fellas this is the finished product for the swap, its my 3rd try I believe it's the best so far, 11 more to go. Resembles no pattern I think just what I have materials for. Now the uv, wish me luck. Tightlines
  4. Would something like this qualify for the swap. Size 14 scud hook 1/8 beadhead gold Tail Antron brown, maybe use red not sure Body 4 turns .020 lead free wire Black utc 140 danier thread Small silver wire The uv supplies I have are Bondic pen and Braun uv light it's waterproof. What do you all think? Tightlines
  5. Questio1n, begin a new tyer that never heard of a perdigon fly, must they be uv coated? Or are they just a style of nymph fly tied to a jig hook. Asking because a have no clue. Tightlines
  6. Hey TT I hope everything is well on your end. Received the flys today and I was very impressed they are all really nice, can't wait to try them out. This has been a learning experience and alot of fun. Tightlines
  7. I'm a southpaw/ lefthanded, cast left reel right, but I can do both just more accurate with left. The reel is a sixties Japanese knockoff hurricane 440 new never been fished till today, can be used L/R just drag knob will either be in front or in back of reel.
  8. Thank you That is a heddon mk4 8ft. 6/7 weight. Never been fished till today. My grandfather bought in the sixties. Casts like a dream, the reel is actually a tad heavy for it.
  9. Rusty parachute and as a dropper a size 14 bead head pheasent tail nymph. Lake topaz from shore.
  10. For me being a beginner and for what it's worth, that's a really nice tied fly. Good job Tightlines
  11. Hwy108 is a little south of where I am, the Koa campground at centennial bluff on 395.
  12. I will do that, I will be fishing west walker between coleville and lake topaz, just waiting for 27 April. Thank you Tightlines
  13. Nice, I walked down to the walker river yesterday, seen some rising trout in the deep pools, water is crystal clear. The itch is real,🤣😂🤣
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