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  1. Hi Mark, I'm probably a day late and a dollar short on reading your post but if you have any Moose Body Hair I sure would appreciate a little piece. Ed
  2. Hi Guys, I figured I start tying with biots but there are so many different colors, what are the most common colors do you use ? the only two I can think of is brown for tail and white for wings on the Prince Nymph.
  3. Anybody know where I can buy Latex for this fly ?
  4. Oh yes I figure its the only way to get really good at tying .
  5. Any body know the size of the bearings for the rotation shaft of the Nor-Vise ?
  6. I've read quite a bit about Dr. Tom Whiting I saw a movie clip about his business, if I'm not mistaken his roosters are between 11 & 18 months old depending on the breed when he harvests them. As for being able to hold them without getting pecked or slashed from the spurs, that's one of the traits he breeds into the chickens. I'm sure he got pecked and slashed a lot when he first started his business.
  7. I learn something new every time I get on flytyingforum I never even gave it a thought to keep a record of the fly's I've tied over the years, and yes I'll admit my brain is not working like it use to. Now I'm wondering how many patterns I've forgotten over the years, I'm going to get my daughter to set up a spread sheet or something. All I'll have to do is tell her what I want to do and she will know exactly what I want or need, Just need to get a camera now.
  8. Flytire, Your right sir I stand corrected I misplaced the decimal point it should read .010
  9. A friend of mine ties almost all wet flys and he weights them with lead wire, his problem is he is running out of wire, I found him some 0.10 but he says that's way to heavy for flys under size 12 I have not been tying that long that I could argue the point with him, he does not have a computer so he asked me if I could try and find some for him. I've checked on E BAY and a couple other places with no luck, anybody have any ideas ?
  10. I'm wondering if anybody could tell me if the Camp Fire Lodge is still in business or out of business?
  11. I would not have any problem trying It, I've caught trout on flies that didn't look nearly that good.
  12. I'm thinking about maybe buying some ok one Metz Cape I checked on ebay and only saw Light blue dun and Dark blue dun, did Metz ever have a Med. blue dun ? I'm really not up on who has what 99% of my necks came from a local farmer, so I have like brown, black, cream, white, Plymouth. I'm hoping better feathers better flies = more fish.
  13. I may be doing it wrong but I use Krylon clear acrylic coating but I didn't see anybody saying to spray the back side of the feathers so you don't affect the color.
  14. Besides finding a better place to have the show Chuck needs to find a way to attract more vendors selling fly tying material, I don't cant speak for other guys but of the 2 places within 60 miles of me that sell fly tying material are way over priced, so I wait till there is a show and buy what I need for the year. The first time I went to a show I could not believe how many guys were selling necks, saddles, and other material in general, but now in the last 3 to 5 yrs. between NJ and the shows in Pa. I've had to resort to buying things on line, I would rather see it, feel it, talk to the dealer, know what I'm getting. I don't need a new rod or reel and I sure cant afford to pay an outfitter to take me fishing, but there must be big money in it as every year for the last 4 or 5 years there are more and more guys selling them at the shows . Just my 2 cents worth.
  15. I have to vote for Ice Scissors www.fishusa.com read the reviews
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