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  1. Since the virus scare has started and I am isolating in place, I have become interested in trying some perdigon nymphs. and maybe buying a switch rod . The rod would be totally different for me because you are supposed to spey cast them and from what I have read so far they are not very forgiving. Still I am curious The flies are really simple to dress and look really good . I know that there are patterns that catch anglers and sometimes not so many fish, but, what can I say ? I have to try anyway. The rod thing has my most concern. If I buy one that means that more than likely I will have to fish more big water as a 12ft rod is hard to handle on a small Ozark limestone spring creek.Look out White River! Any suggestions are welcome. I have found a Reddington switch rod for a good price 12 ft 5 wt Baby spey, I am not sure of what kind of line to purchase? Skagit maybe? \\
  2. I have a 3 piece 6 wt that Steve built for me a few years ago.I think it cost me 175.00 and is just as good or if not better than anything that Orvis or LL Bean offer for 500.00. It compares in quality of build to my 6wt Sage though it is a little softer action and that is what I wanted. Through him you can pick the type grip,action,rod length.guides, colour of the wrapps etc. for 5 bills that would be the way I would go. As for Orvis I own one of their Mid arbor Battenkill reels and they dont offer spare spools for it anymore and they dont handle that model reel in a mid arbor anymore. Kinda sucks. Tube
  3. I gotta give this stuff a try. Much better price than EP. Tube
  4. Why did they go out of business? I started out with a model B which I still use for large flies. They made a really great product
  5. A pair of Nathans hot dogs slathered in chilli and Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese and a cold glass of Luzianne iced tea. Almost forgot the onions
  6. Rich mc they recommended BWO's size 18 to 22, ants, spiders, hoppers,Woolly buggers, midges sizes 16 to 20. I have some very small clouser minnows tied on size 10 3399 mustads with 5/32 dumbell eyes and I used calf tail for the winiging I am going to try them as well. Tight lines and drag free drifts always, Tube
  7. Retrocarp thanks for the video it helped alot. my last batch of spiders turned out great. I dont know if you drink but, next time in the pub tip a Victoria Bitter for me. I cant find it anywhere here. I fell in love with it and Vegemite.which is hard to find here as well. G'day mate, Tube
  8. Thank guys I think I have a handle on it now. Retrocarp What part of Australia you from? back in 02 I got to spend 3 months in west Australia at a town called Roelands near Bunbury. I hooked up with some guys in the local fly fishing club and they took me down to Pemberton for a 4 day trip to the famous Rose cottage and fished several of the dams in the vineyards. I didn't catch many fish but did see some very nice rainbows and browns. Some of the pommies in the club were impressed that I caught trout there on a size 20 trico spinner. I would love to go back and maybe fish some in Tasmania.Do you fish for barramundi? Cheers, Tube
  9. dflanagan I hate to stir the pot but, a friend of mine is camping on the Niangua right outside of Bennett spring state park and texted me that he caught two very nice bronze backs and several dinks this morning. On clouser minnows. Just up river from where the spring runs into the river. Tube
  10. You would think that someone who has tied for 40 plus years wouldn't have this problem. When I tie the body over the rubber legs the freaking legs tend to point down, not straight down but, enough to cause the fly body to set up high instead of legs laying flat. I have tried different size hooks.doing a figure 8 around the legs and still same results. What the hell am I doing wrong ? Tube
  11. I went back to the thread no " Browse by tags " available. To hell with it!!!!! I guess I will just go to another site for pix. Years ago I hosted a fly swap and one of the tiers subbed out his flies the moderators got bent out of shape over it. We still got the flies. I understand why they got upset, however, the tier that subbed them out hasn't posted anything since. That's a shame. I however will stick with it for awhile longer. Still pisses me off though. Tube
  12. I really hate to hear that. This used to be the site for all things flyfishing and tying. Maybe I should have stayed gone or found another site, But I liked this one so much. Guess I cant judge because it was me that took for granted that things hadn't changed much and the site was maintained well. Tube.
  13. I saw a Youtube video on the Wolfe Creek Stream. looks like a good fishing spot. I ever get over that way again I would like to give it a try. Tube
  14. Tried it still no photos.and why would you list photos of trips etc, in the fly pattern data base? I give up!!!! Tube
  15. I was just asking as I have seen them in my local Fly shop. Was just wondering how they make them in two colors.
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