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  1. Silver, any idea as to what the shelf life of regular mono line is? Line that is still on the original spool and stored in a cool dry place out of the sunlight.
  2. If we could only talk to the fish.
  3. Gives them a great excuse to raise their prices and profit margins.
  4. Those Fiskars are some of the best scissors for the money you can find. They make all sizes and you can use the 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.
  5. I've been a subscriber since the second year and have all the issues. I never received the index as a gift to subscribers but did buy one years later. It was a spiral edition not the limited edition in your photograph. Dave
  6. Maybe for some. However a lot of their free books, the author is either dead or long retired.
  7. Looked good to me Norm. Music beats the heck out of the hard rock and rap a lot of them have. On more complicated patterns, audio would probably be helpful but on straight-forward patterns not really needed. Just curious, what vise were you using? I like the old "two screw adjustments". They seem simpler and faster especially when changing hook sizes frequently. Hope you do more. Your flies and photography are in a league of their own.
  8. Silver, I made a similar post the other day and someone asked why does Amazon and the authors give away free stuff. Frankly I have no answer other than to just lure you to their site hoping you will find other books to buy. You have any thoughts as to why they do it? I've been surprised that in the last week or two they have really increased the quantity and quality of the free ones. In the past, most of what they offered wasn't worth reading. Dave
  9. dave

    Free Kindle Books

    That's a good question and I don't really have a good answer. It may be like the old "lost leaders" stores use to get you into the store and buy other stuff. Their free books generally consists of stuff you wouldn't pay for but at times they offer some very good books so I have the site bookmarked and check it frequently. I don't own a Kindle and have no intention of ever getting one but I have the Kindle app on my desktop and iPad. I actually prefer the printed book but what the heck-free is free.
  10. Amazon has a slew of new free fishing books today for the Kindle or Kindle app. Dave
  11. And to top it off it's not even waterproof. I put some on my dashboard and side panels last week and when my wife wiped off a few raindrops on her side I noticed you couldn't even tell the Armorall All had been on it.
  12. Salarman That's a great looking old Gerstner chest you've got. Current prices on those are out of sight. I have one just like yours but only five drawers. New price on it is $1245. I got mine at a public sale years ago for $15.
  13. Flies for Selective Trout by Swisher and Custom Rod Thread Art by Clemens are free today on Kindle. Dave
  14. Yea, I have that book. I don't think there was ever an updated version of it. A few years ago I contacted the publisher and they said there was none and apparently no plans to make one. I have every issue there is from 1978 to present. I had the first 12 years hardbound into 4 volumes. I was able to do it fairly cheaply as the company that I used to work for would periodically send off journals for binding.
  15. I always thought the publisher of the magazine should put out a book cataloging all the back issues. They could simply reprint the back cover which shows all the flies in that issue, then add at the bottom of each page what issue it came from.
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