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  1. Utyer's advise is spot on. He helped me on my Barricuda. Place the hook in the jaw and adjust the cone till it is touching the hook. Then back it off (open it up) just a bit. This will allow the lever to securely pop into the indent. If you don't pop it into the indent the hook will slip.
  2. I'm a little late to this thread but wanted to add my two cents. I have an older desktop and laptop PC's and both were getting slow. I added a SSD in place of the HD in the desktop and upped the RAM from 8 to 12 gigs. Wow! Turned a Model T into a Corvette. So I then switched from the HD to a SSD in the laptop but left ram at 8 gigs. Still, really worth the extra $150 as it really improved the speed. I agree with Sillver. If I had it all to do over again I would go all Apple in place of PC.. My son tried to convince me but I wouldn't listen. I got him an Apple when he got out of high school in 1991. That little computer served him well through 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school. And it still works. He now uses the ipad pro for just about all his work and home stuff. Apple is more expensive to get into but so much more hassle free than PC's. Also, like a fool I let my broker talk me out of buying Apple stock. He said it was just a commodity company.
  3. Well dang, I didn't read Capt. Bobs reply very well.
  4. How does the stretch cord hold up in aging? Does it get brittle over time?
  5. I fish both but also like Bennett better. Montauk has a little more wilderness feel but unless you have a camper, lodging pretty much sucks. The park motel leaves a lot to be desired and is way overpriced.
  6. One of the top flies ever invented- wooly worms in brown and olive.
  7. Yes, they were a neat little item. Surprised someone still doesn't make them.
  8. Tim, the Tool Guy, would have tripled the size and attached a 1/2 hp motor.
  9. I was going to make one of those too. But then I got to thinking-heck I ain't got the slightest idea how to do it!. Just kidding of course, but will be interested in seeing your final product.
  10. Before I'd start hammering on it I would contact Dyna-King to get their advice-maybe even send the head in to have them look at it.
  11. Very nice. Where did you get the multi colored drawer units on the right side of the table. Is that one unit or three units stacked.
  12. Thanks Steve. I'm sending you a PM.
  13. What are microwave guides? Is that the same as the "staggered guides"? What is the advantage over regular guide placement?
  14. If trout only see 1/14th of the detail that we do (and I'm not doubting you) then there seems to be little reason for us to go to such great efforts in our tying to get the most detail in our flies. If the trout can't discern the details that much then why bother with it in tying.
  15. Thanks for the additional info. I think I follow what you did now. Not sure what you mean by "live-edge piece". Do you mean one of those semi-circular pieces of walnut with the bark still on it? Actually I have not fully decided on exactly what I will use for a base yet but am leaning towards some combination of walnut and granite (or polished marble) with an inlay in the walnut. I've got some marble but no longer have a means of drilling a hole in it. I used to work in the ceramics industry and had access to diamond drill bits but no more have access to them.
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