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  1. That's a good looking frog. What are you using for the white body? Is the foam just on top-that's what it appears to be?
  2. So what is that PDF in the first post? Is it safe (or worth) opening. Certainly looked like an invitation to disaster.
  3. What does he used to get that finish? Almost looks like wood.
  4. Yep, I still have an old Marriott catalog. If you are in St. Louis, Feather-Craft has a really nice store.
  5. Steve, Have you ever tried using a MrClean Magic Erasure to clean the grips? They do a great job. Also, I was wondering how you restore the bright white color to the rod. They seem to turn to a kind of ugly yellowing as they age.
  6. I have tons of screws, bolts, nuts, springs,-you name it on hand for situations like that. But I can never find the specific one I need when I need it! So, it's generally off to the local hardware store.
  7. That's a great site for knots too. There is a video showing how each knot is tied.
  8. I made this tool holder out of scrap mahogany a few years ago. It's mounted on a lazy susan turret so you can easily rotate it.
  9. Hey Steve, just saw your post. Was wondering how you were doing as I had not seen a post from you in a long while. I had to rejoin the Forum after they went down as I couldn't get back on using my old profile. I've been staying in too as this virus is too deadly on us old folks with existing conditions. Let's get together for a day trip to Bennett when all this clears up. Dave
  10. Steve, I never have gotten back on under my original registration. I re-registered using my original name, password, and e-mail address but it still shows me as being a new member. As such I have lost my original profile, old posts etc. Is there someway to retrieve my original identity? Thanks
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