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  1. Yes. Decent winging feathers, GP crest, silver pheasant body feathers, JC eyes, and any sense of proportion. Once I got the wings set I completely forgot to add the GP crest throat. Don’t have any silver pheasant nor JC eyes so couldn’t do those. This was more of a spur of the moment, “let’s see what I can do with what I’ve got” type things. I hope to improve. These streamers seem to be excellent for teaching thread control/discipline and proportion.
  2. Nice work, chugbug. I think I agree that a fuller body is more appealing but, man, you’ve done a great job all around, hackle especially.
  3. First try at a gray ghost. Could use some work but I’m happy enough with it.
  4. Thanks for the interest, bdngrd. Trade is pending, though.
  5. I went ahead and put them out for the mail. Thanks to everyone who sent extras. I imagine everyone gets emails from J. Stockard but, if you haven’t seen it, check out their fly of the month for a step by step of the pattern mikemac contributed to the swap.
  6. All sorted, packed, and ready for the mail. Unfortunately we missed out on flies from a couple guys due to unforeseen circumstances. Flytire, stabgnid, and WWKimba each sent along extra flies for everyone and I randomly distributed the leftover flies each of us had. I don’t think anyone ended up with their own fly but, if so, fish the heck out of it, anyway. Thanks to all of you for joining. Once again, we’ve ended up with an amazing set of flies that’ll catch fish or look good on display.
  7. One set still hasn’t arrived. I will mail the rest out Friday, with or without the last set.
  8. Nice report. Gotta make it up to the driftless some day.
  9. First time chasing wild trout. 500 miles round trip; ~8 hours on the road; ~7 hours walking up and down a colder-than-a-well-digger’s-ass creek; wet legs and feet wasn’t enough...got soaked when I misjudged the depth of one small pool. All for one little fish. Totally worth it. The stories of the difficultly of this creek are no joke.
  10. Thanks for posting this, Bruce. Really cool technique.
  11. Sorry, guys. Guess I should have put that info in the post. Really don’t have anything specific in mind. Maybe a different bobbin holder, other tools. Even oddball stuff that may not be related to fly tying. That is an awfully nice stick but I already have about three just like it.
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