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  1. Great work, everybody. Thanks to all.
  2. Good stuff in the mail today. Nice work, everyone. Thank you, all.
  3. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow. They turned into Del Cooper variants. Only a couple red feathers to be found so I had to dye some that turned out a light claret-ish.
  4. Not sure what this is called. Found a pic of it online and had to try it.
  5. Lots of good stuff this month (as usual), everybody! Those au sable flies are killer, SB, and nice job on the royal coachmen, Mark.
  6. Not much tying getting done lately but I worked on some dries for the classic dry swap. March brown didn’t make the cut; the Dette’s coffin fly just barely did. The Buford is practice for a tiger Muskie trip I’m hoping to make this May, if the zombie hordes don’t descend on us before then. Gotta make some more.
  7. Dette’s coffin fly variant. Moose body tail and white hackle instead of badger. The close-up makes me think I should have left off a turn or two of hackle but I think they‘ll catch a fish or two.
  8. Since the due date is so far out, I’ll jump in. Not sure of a pattern yet.
  9. Got em yesterday. Nice work, everyone.
  10. Got mine yesterday. Heckuva nice set of flies, everybody. Thanks for hosting, BB. Always enjoy your swaps.
  11. dflanagan

    Super Bowl LIV

    We'll just have to agree to disagree. Youre both right. Some days theyre awesome. Other days you want to take em on a nice, long drive in the country and drop them off somewhere.
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