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  1. I sure like biot bodies. Easy to do buggy looking.
  2. They'll go higher if PETA ever finds out what we do.
  3. I enjoy tying as a hobby so saving money is not a consideration for me. We recently moved from Texas to Montana and my bench was packed away for a while during peak season here in Bozeman. That forced me to buy some commercially tied flies and they were terrible. A 12" cut straightened a size 14 nymph hook in still water, they often started coming apart on the second or third fish and I had to sharpen them before I used them. Give me my Mustads and Tiemco any day.
  4. Anyone found in the shop at night will be found there in the morning.
  5. Renzetti Master is the vise. Serial #2 of 250. No idea what brand the catch bag is.
  6. Thank you Bozeman Fly Supply. "Feed your vise". Go Bobcats.
  7. I've seen them used on Craigslist. They break down into 5' sections so shipping won't be too bad.
  8. Same rig. River Quiver. Right at $400.00 here in Bozeman. Leaving a rigged Hopper Dropper saves time setting up and I can have a different rig on the second rod. Works well for me.
  9. Rig and un-rig times just got shorter.
  10. Mine is a Sage 390 RPL that I got from Jim Adams at the Austin Angler in the fall of 1991. I go for weeks fishing my 5 weight and truly enjoy getting back to the old RPL.
  11. Thanks Mike. The ponds in Three Forks are perfect for my little boat. Blue Sky Boat Works 360 is great on waters like that. A friend here caught a 7 1/2 pound bass there but wasn't impressed since he's from Texas where ten pounders not uncommon.
  12. Not big but healthy. Small head and large body is a well fed fish in clean water. Caught a dozen or more but this was the prettiest. Size 16 bead head prince under a size 14 foam hopper. Half and half hopper to dropper.
  13. Some beautiful fish in that pond. Spring fed and pretty constant temp. Healthy population of caddis, mayfly, ants and hoppers.
  14. There've been millions of flies tied on Thompson A vises over the decades. If you tie small stuff they have midge jaws for them.
  15. Good healthy fish from a well managed spring fed pond.
  16. It's a good day when you wish these would get out of the way so you can cast to the big ones. That's an 18" net.
  17. It's a good day when you wish these would get out of the way so you can cast to the big ones. That's an 18" net.
  18. Bead head San Juan worm under a foam hopper is my favorite combo.
  19. Hi Mike. What's your favorite fly shop in the area? Thanks, James
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