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  1. First stab at the Gartside soft hackle streamer size 1, plain shank 2x hook White maribou Mallard, Long Blue Ultra size A Why blue? Ran out of white. It will be Crappy season soon and they love Blue and Pink when its pre-spawn. Mostly after the Pickerel that are chasing bait along with the crappy. Critique is encouraged.
  2. Certainly Nice heads on those Philly.
  3. My Gosh that is handsome! I have some Gills and Crappy that would enjoy that.
  4. I really only fish underwater stump fields for Gills and they work well, off and on. I had 2 or three nice strikes in Flaming gorge, Green River last year on cinnamon ants. I find Ants handy but I only just began tying them.
  5. Its a piece of art for sure and is classic looking. I had heard that allot of those open version were trolled. Let us know how it works out.
  6. Remarkable. What sizes do you prefer?
  7. Beautiful, how do you fish this type.
  8. That whole area must get them then as Upper Woods is only 25 miles to the nearest part of Sesquehanna PA and 12 miles to the Delaware River. I ended up using a white PMD and it worked well enough.
  9. I should really circle back to that fly. I like the wing forward version. The longer I tie the more I remember to save space at the eye. I had tried to copy the version in Panfish on the Fly. Thanks for the link!
  10. Sandan I'll look that up. Thanks. Today I practiced tying Ant Flies poorly. I need to learn this Miller. PoopDeck I've hear that from others on a PA site and then I saw it happen on the Lehigh. So heavy you almost needed a mask. At this Pond ( Upper Woods Pond) it was very lite. One here and one way over there. At night under the flood lights I watch the siding and screens at pizza shops and my porch and others all summer, wherever I am, to see what is hatching and I had never seen one that white.
  11. Very clever considering how clever it is, lol. I just tied a sculpin using a button for a head. I like the black fiber above.
  12. I like the briefness of it and the eyes are appropriate and realistic. is that an 8x?
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