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  1. Coin


    Kind of what I expected ask 10 fishermen what color to us and get 10 different answers Some nice fly's shown and I sooner or later will try to ty them. Thanks again for your answers.
  2. Coin


    I do know that any color can be the color on any given day. What I would like to know is what is your go to color to start the day with? You know the one that is your favorite. Now it may be a color combo that you start with. For your info I chase mostly gills but would still like to know for any kind of fish.
  3. Coin

    hook size

    Thanks for all the charts. Don't know why I did not find them except these computers and I don't really go hand in hand.
  4. Coin

    hook size

    Is there some kind of chart or web site that tells some one if a Mustad hook is number S70-3399 what is the number for that hook in a Daiichi or a Tiemco or what ever brand? Or am I just missing that all Dry Fly or Wet Fly or Bait or what ever hooks have a certain set of numbers? If there is such a thing I would like to know. Thanks
  5. Coin

    Legs on a fly

    The answers you gave me is kind of what I was thinking but I have been wrong many times before. Thanks for your answers and skeet3t my wife doesn't think we need the internet.
  6. Can anyone tell me does a fly need to have 8 legs or is that something to just make it look nicer to the person doing the tying? When you fish a fly with only 4 do you catch less fish? I know these are some dumb questions but does it make a difference?
  7. Coin


    Looks like a lot of good reasons to go either way. I have tried the CA but was wondering if I was missing something. One more question. What is Sally Hansen's?
  8. Coin


    What do you prefer CA glue or UV? I have found very little on the subject or I am looking in the wrong place.
  9. Coin

    My first flys

    Thanks for looking at what I have done to date. This is some thing I have wanted to do for a long time. Now that I have started I am wondering why I waited so long to start. My guess would be life just gets in the way. Hoping the next ones will be better. If anyone around Tucson is up for some very cheap lessons lets talk.
  10. These are some of the first fly's that I have tied. Now I have been having trouble with the feathers so instead of using good ones I went to Hobby Lobby and got some cheap ones. I do know it should be a Olive colored feather but I used what I had. The Wooly Bugger is on a Eagle Claw #2 and is a all purpose live bait hook. Also the Bully is on the same hook. The Vise is the one I bought on Ebay called a Byron, for me I don't know the difference between a good or bad one but so far it works. Don't laugh to hard and I am open to suggestions.
  11. Coin

    Vise advice

    I just talked myself into a vise. They had a Byron vise that sells on Amazon for 129.00. The one I bought was for 70.00 on Ebay. Looks nice anyway, I guess I will know more in a week.
  12. Coin

    Vise advice

    I have not taken the plunge. Once again I am having a hard time telling myself that this is something I should do. I live in Tucson Arizona and there isn't a whole lot of places to go with out driving for a hour or more other than a city park pond.
  13. Coin

    Vise advice

    This vise is on sale for 48.00 at this time. Today is 6/21/2021.
  14. If you where going after Gills in June or July and then again August or September what would be your first fly choice top water or a wet fly?
  15. Coin

    Vise advice

    I Thank all of you for your suggestions. I have been reading a lot on this forum and will keep on doing so.
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