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  1. I do hope you can get at least a few. My skills are not the best but I was told that even flys with mistakes catch fish so good luck.
  2. I opened a box of fly's from gillage this morning and got so much more then what I was expecting. It was good to see what a fly is supposed to look like when finished. Thank You St. Nick and gillage for some great fly's.
  3. My mail had a great surprise for me. Thanks for letting me in my first Swap.
  4. If you promise not to laugh I would like to do this. My skills are not the best. Bluegill
  5. i tie my favorite fly(a clouser) on mustad 3366 or similarĀ  hooks, sizes 6,8, 10. i use a few wraps of lead wire, white plastic bead chain eyes, white bucktail on bottom, grey squirrel on top, whatever thread is handy and i always tie in a tail of RED Cascade Crst poly flash, about 2 shanks lengths at the end of the hook. my very most favoriote fly to throw. catches 'gills, bass. i only use red poly flash 'cause it works so well.

  6. Coin

    Fish Pictures

    That looks like some good eating to me.
  7. If anyone is looking for a heavy vise pedestal Sportsmens Warehouse has them on sale for 17.00. They go about 4 lbs. and they just got them in stock. Picked mine up today.
  8. Coin


    Here's a question for you would you use Calf Tail or Craft Fur for the smaller fly's? I am sure most of you use the buck tail but what I am looking at is Hareline Calf Tail assortment for 8 dollars. Good idea or bad idea? Here's my first try using squirrel tail. Bigger picture than what I was expecting.
  9. Coin


    I would like to ty some small Clouser minnows for Bluegills. Size I would do them in would be 8 and 10. I have no idea what size eye to use or to even try. I don't want to have a bunch of them and not use them. Any ideas as to what size I should start out with? Any special materials that you use for yours I would like to know about. Thanks ahead of time.
  10. Those have got to be some of the best Bluegill bugs I have seen. Now I am new to this fly tying, but to date I like a lot.
  11. Coin


    Kind of what I expected ask 10 fishermen what color to us and get 10 different answers Some nice fly's shown and I sooner or later will try to ty them. Thanks again for your answers.
  12. Coin


    I do know that any color can be the color on any given day. What I would like to know is what is your go to color to start the day with? You know the one that is your favorite. Now it may be a color combo that you start with. For your info I chase mostly gills but would still like to know for any kind of fish.
  13. Coin

    hook size

    Thanks for all the charts. Don't know why I did not find them except these computers and I don't really go hand in hand.
  14. Coin

    hook size

    Is there some kind of chart or web site that tells some one if a Mustad hook is number S70-3399 what is the number for that hook in a Daiichi or a Tiemco or what ever brand? Or am I just missing that all Dry Fly or Wet Fly or Bait or what ever hooks have a certain set of numbers? If there is such a thing I would like to know. Thanks
  15. Coin

    Legs on a fly

    The answers you gave me is kind of what I was thinking but I have been wrong many times before. Thanks for your answers and skeet3t my wife doesn't think we need the internet.
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