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  1. Marabou Leech, Smolt Imitations, Hareball Leech, Sculpin Imitator, King Intruder, Gurgler, Closerrs are just a few flys that I'd like to get into are some of the patterns i want to go after salmon steelhead trout and I'm curently unable to afford a fly rod setup I'm looking into finding a 9ft 8wt rod combo i have random first and tells different types of hooks I have pieces of mirabus I have pieces of feathers and then I have feathers used for other things besides hackle I just have all sorts of variety of things to put on the fly but I don't have any GSP or any thread really I'm currently using sewing thread in the white color I have some thread of the black color brown yellow pink but they're all showing thread
  2. I am 1 year new to fly tying and hope to one day go fly fishing. I live here in Alaska and was wondering if this group is okay to join? I am just starting out with tying flies not sure where to begin I was given materials a vice from a friend who no longer is able to tie flies and I'm struggling to find the knowledge of what to tie with the materials given. Do to the wife keeping a tight belt on the income it's been difficult to afford it but was wondering if there is a way to be sponsored for tying materials, hooks, beads, and threads so that i can tie for Alaskan fish species? I'm really just looking for any advice or helpful tips and wondering if it's okay to be in this group do to living in Alaska? My name is Francis Davis and I am addicted to fly tying.
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