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  1. Got your flys Vic, well done!, as always. TT
  2. I’ve got a doozy of a story, the fly involved, however, is quite ordinary. I will try to get a “Fly With a Story” swap going after the red white blue swap is complete. TT
  3. Woodenleg’s flys showed up today, nice job! TT
  4. Very nice, I like the stories behind the flys. I was actually thinking of a “ fly with a story” swap. Not sure it would be a go on this site.. TT
  5. Nice flys, Woods and Vic! look forward to seeing them! TT
  6. Check your in boxes for my mail to address. Thank you all for entering! Trouttramp
  7. You get the last spot. Glad to have you in. TT
  8. Your in. 10 fly tiers MAX. Including myself. TT
  9. Vic and CenCalfly your in! glad to have you both! TT
  10. That’s the SPIRIT!. Your in Bob. TT
  11. Your in, as for what to tie, Google is your friend. Have fun with it! TY
  12. Wood and Red Your both in! this should be fun. TT
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