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  1. Not amazing really, crappy weather outside, Oregon winter fishing doldrums, retired and bored. Good time to tie flys, swap gives me a reason to tie.
  2. I was just going to send in 12, the swapmaster can keep or distribute extras.
  3. I hope this swap is a go, these are fun to tie, and stillwater trout killers. Lets make this happen!
  4. Could you be so kind as to send me your address? 
    have some sow bugs ready to go.


  5. Yes it was a very generous haul of stuff, all very usable and appreciated. Too late for a pic, I’ve already sorted and stored it all away, not sure I can remember what it all was now, IT WAS ALOT, and some very rare stuff also. Thanks Mark! By the way, you all should check out Mark’s knife build website. INCREDIBLY AWESOME knives, Beautifully crafted works of art. TT
  6. Good eats right there. Yellow perch fillets!
  7. Your on a nice roll CP. keep up the good work!
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