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  1. No. Funny though. It was supposedly created by a tyer in the Northwest.
  2. Found this pattern. Googled it, and tied one up. Never heard of it before or since. I read it’s a good still water fly, but more often fished as a wet. I have a lake in mind I would like to try it on if I can get there. I know at least one person on this site has tied and posted this fly on another site. Size 14 hook brown or black biot tail moose mane body, one dark hair, one light hair Peacock herl thorax partridge soft hackle So, ok, challenge given. IDENTIFY THIS FLY. ( this is not a particularly well tied one, my apologies , )
  3. @FLYTIRE Teal and Blue love this fly.
  4. Nice spider Norm. Did you use Heron fibres? If so, are they available? The body looks really buggy.
  5. Noted and corrected. Thanks. Next fly: Hipster Dufus, Any version.
  6. Harrop Hairwing Dun #12 1x long dry fly Tan Vevus 10 thread CDL fiber tail Pale Yellow Superfine dubbing ( body and thorax ) Dun hackle Bleached Deer wing NEXT FLY: Hipster Dufus
  7. I will take the hairwing Dunn. Flytire is a tough act to follow, but I will try to do the pattern justice.
  8. I got an invite to fish the big D. Nymphing DEEP is the game this time of year. So…. Needed something weighty that is also acts as a bit of an attractor. This fly is very very heavy, large tungsten bead with 10-12 wraps of .040” lead wire. It will be the heavy fly to get the other two much smaller flys to the bottom quickly, a “tool fly” if you will, tied very stout to hold up. BIG Prince Nymph Red Vevus 140D thread Size 6 2x long heavy hook brown turkey biot tail 5-6 strands of peacock hurl twisted in a dubbing loop for durability. med oval uni French tinsel brown hen hackle white turkey biot wing Red thread collar And, a judicious amount of hard as hull cement to make it last. It’s a big boy fly, for fast deep water. I’m guessing 1/8 th oz +.
  9. Great swap! Well done all. Thanks Woodenlegs for hosting.
  10. Those flys are too nice to fish, they should be in cases on display. Which Canadian river would you choose? I had an open invite to P.E.I. Many moons ago, and had a trip fly planned to Nova Scotia that got canceled. Wife just won’t go anywhere these days.
  11. Those are all great choices! Me: Opening weekend on the Firehole. Followed by the Madison and Henry’s fork. North fork of the CourDeAlaine, then the St Joe river on the way home. Finish up on the Deschutes for the last part of the salmon fly hatch. It’s not going to happen though, now that I don’t have the right to drive so there just isn’t a way to do this. Was fun once though…….always wanted to fish the Bow, that one may be possible.
  12. Krystal body Klinkhammer sz 12 scud hook 10-0 white Veevus thread EP fiber para post krystal flash tail and body white hackle, tan/ PC dyed brown hurl thorax Next fly up: AUSABLE BOMBER
  13. I will take the Flash klinkhammer, It will be Friday before I can get to my tying bench though. It could be a little painful, I have an infected hangnail on my right thumb that is hurting like crazy. That opposable thumb thing is very useful, so sucks when it isn’t quite as useful ……..
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