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  1. Love the tree can’t wait to receive my secret Santa gift Thanks for again for hosting this annual gift giving event
  2. This is shaping up to be the best yet!!!!’
  3. Great bunch of school flies
  4. I’ll be tying the Schmidt’s Caddis Larvae flies on pony express
  5. Sign me up pattern TBD Lano Bug the bug 🐜 is on the path don’t squish it
  6. Razorbacks will leave Arkansas tomorrow
  7. Flies have been delivered to our great government postal system Tracking Number 9500110870762279598347
  8. Ok guys I just sent my steelhead flies out by regular post to CA and it was $5.40 per package. Went to Pirate ship and it says it would have been $4.12 per package a savings of $2.56. So I’m going to try it on the next shipment of flies Sports swap woodenlegs
  9. It’s amazing what our wonderful government can come up with 😂😂😂😂 attached zone map
  10. You don’t owe anything just letting everyone know for the future
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