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  1. Has everyone seen the update on next year’s Sowbug?
  2. Worms are squirming your way the trout was caught on a San Juan Worm on the Conejos two weeks ago
  3. OMG Got a great bunch of flies in the US Mail today Thanks for hosting this great swap
  4. I’ll watch and see if you need an extra been tying many years would base my tying as advanced
  5. Flies have gone to snail mail tracking 9500111627510217110147
  6. Got my flies yesterday, awesome set and interesting what everyone thinks they must have. Thanks for hosting
  7. Sign me up WD40 pattern to be announced later
  8. I’m in pattern TBD tri-color Bucktail
  9. My flies will be a little late Also PM me your address !!!! this is the beginning flies will mail Monday
  10. I'll tie the Au Sable CADDIS if it's still available
  11. This Covid-19 has me shutdown and siting and tying flies, the most of one pattern tied at one time is Fifthy. I started tying flies in 1994 and had never fished till 1998 when a friend ask if I'd like to go. After that trip I was hooked on fly fishing for trout is creeks and streams. Favorite places is Northern New Mexico and Colorado
  12. Hope it wasn’t mine but I do try to make them barbless
  13. Awesome bunch of bugs landed in Arkansas today thanks to all who participated
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