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  1. I am not going to get off track sorry about the pro team. with that said I will change my fly design to a college team Central Washington University CWU Wildcats
  2. So sad to hear this best of luck to you, you will be missed in this group and your flies always were amazing
  3. I’m sorry but due to family activities I’m going to have to pass on this swap woodenlegs
  4. Great to see you back, lm searching patterns that I can type, let you know soon my results
  5. Great set of flies thanks Nick
  6. Crawdads are crawling to Oklahoma
  7. Great batch of flies landed in Arkansas
  8. I’m in pattern TBD crawdad size 6 or 8
  9. Great bunch of flies arriving this week thanks to all and the swapmeister
  10. Just got home from nm great bunch of flies in my box
  11. Got home today and found some great flies
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