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  1. Omg got my flies today great ties and wow some great extra stuff THANKS
  2. Sorry don’t know how I missed this one
  3. If address is correct flies can leave Arkansas tomorrow Flies have caught the pony express to Texas
  4. Sign me up Just a question are we saying September 20 due
  5. Dave, I don't tie these flies, so I'm not "in". But It sounds pretty cool.
  6. I’m not much of a good writer but I’d miss this forum very much. I love tying flies and getting all the members flies back. As far as postage cost it’s high but, I’d still do the swaps. Oh and I have never used the flies there all stored in the boxes and labeled for future examples.
  7. Sign me up!!!!!! thanks Pattern daddy long legs Flies have flown the coop. tracking # 9500110870771200342768
  8. Hopefully you’ll get well soon, thank you so much for hosting these swaps. Your in my prayers
  9. My nymphs or on the pony express to Oregon
  10. Pheasant/Peacock’s are on the pony express
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