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  1. Opened mine last night with family Christmas. OMG 😱 what an amazing set of flies and the greatest fly box ever. Thanks Again Santa
  2. Thanks again Bob for hosting this great swap. Received a awesome box of flies yesterday. Happy Holidays
  3. Happy Holidays to you and your family, hopefully all will go well with the restoration. Thanks for hosting this swap and all the others throughout the year.
  4. Got a wonderful package in the mail today, can’t wait till Christmas morning to open. Happy Holidays to Nick and all those involved
  5. This is a wonderful thing you’ve continued to do each year. Thank you very much Santa
  6. Hopefully you’ll get your home back together and the flies are not a priority. Sorry for your damage
  7. Awesome flies Thanks for doing this swap for many years
  8. Bob is the address still the same?? CADDIS Nymphs are ready for the pony express Flies will get in the saddle bags today
  9. Flies have been delivered to pony express headed to Texas
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