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  1. I am going to look for this book! I really enjoy the technical aspects of the hobby, thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks for the reply utyer. I find myself a bit confused with all the different hook types! Generally I tye with the hook reccomended, but I would like to know what movement is transmitted to the fly relative to hook eye shape.
  3. When choosing a hook for tying, what is the importance of the hook eye direction (up, down, or straight)? Is there a general rule of thumb regarding fly type and hook eye shape?
  4. This is so cool, and exactly what I wanted to know. Is it safe to assume that trout ( which see colors amazingly simular to the way we see them), see colors simular to the way other fish see them? Specificly, do bluegill, smallmouth bass, and pike have color reception simular to trout, and therefore, us? Thanks /
  5. Thanks for the reply guys! I appreciate your experiance.
  6. When I use UV glue, it looks whitish blue, and kind of cloudy when under the UV light! It looks just fine under normal light! Does any one know, what it looks like to the fish? I like the UV glue, but I don"t want to use it, if it totally changes what the fish sees. What do you guys think?
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