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  1. I like this. By tackle boxes do you mean like the Plano storage boxes?
  2. Didn’t even think about a light or extension cord. So it’s more of a hang out tie what you want to tie type theme. Great thank you
  3. Have been looking at attending a fly tying night for some time, several local shops/pubs have them. My question which I cant even find the answer on the web is what to bring? Should you pack all your tools and just enough material for a certain pattern you want to tie or a little bit of various items? also what do you carry your stuff in? These question have kept me from attending, of course the simplest answer would be to attend one and observe but I didnt do that haha. Joe.
  4. welcome, you will learn fast here if you post up pics of flies as you tie them. There is a lot of very skilled people here!
  5. Thanks Mike. Look forward to catching up
  6. Haha relatively new! That’s a good one. How are you doing?
  7. Thank you guys! I’m happy that many of you are still here! Look forward to catching up.
  8. Ok so this is my second time here. Was a frequent user about 3 years ago or so then life got in the way. Joe Sylvia from Florida. Couldn’t get back to my old profile so having to start from scratch!! Already see a ton of familiar names! Happy you all are still here! Looking forward to getting back into the groove of things!!
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