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  1. Digging this a lot, looks super versatile. When you say pheasant rump, what feather in particular? I've got a skin and am having trouble seeing which feather this is.
  2. Personality cult. Bet they would've auctioned his toenail clippings and beard trimmings if they'd had them available.
  3. @gillage and @chugbug27 much obliged, thank you. (It appears that I have no idea how to tag people on this site haha)
  4. Bluegill flavored mini bufords intended for big bass.
  5. It's possible to save money. Maybe not if you're only tying trout stuff, but if you're into big flies for pike and bass, those things are $5 and up. Some pike flies are $35! I always feel great after I tie a big buford.
  6. 1. What's the purpose of reducing drag to zero? 2. Very helpful comment, thank you.
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