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  1. Tail- white ice dub brushed out and stacked repeatedly. Pearl crystal flash. Under body- white cocktail tied in tips forward then pulled back. Flashabou. Head- white craft fur brush. Hook- Mustad 2/0 o'shaughnessy
  2. That will class the place up a bit. Very nice!
  3. One of my first airbrushed popper heads
  4. It's a Smallmouth mike. I am fortunate enough to live near some of the best smallmouth waters that you could hope for.
  5. What airbrush paint and clear coat are best for foam?
  6. flymanaj

    Fish pics

    We call those shellcrackers here in ky. And yes they get much bigger
  7. flymanaj

    Fish pics

    Yup. A bazillion. And they all eat these. Even the Drum.
  8. flymanaj

    Fish pics

    A few from this weekend. Put a good bend in the 3 wt.
  9. Thanks! I was going for cute.😁
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