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  1. Kentucky 23 for license 10 Trout permit $33.00
  2. Also, I could have made several more of these with the small amount of paint that I used.
  3. Couldn't help it. Tried some with Sally Hansen.
  4. I don't have any paint right now but I plan on trying it soon
  5. Any of you hydro dip your popper heads?
  6. may need to trim this one some more. Opinions?
  7. Where can I find plans for a diy lathe for turning foam and balsa heads. I am currently using a dremel and file. I think I could turn out more uniform size and shape with a lathe.
  8. Thanks mike. Glad you like it.
  9. Don't know yet. Haven't had a chance to wet it yet.
  10. It has been trimmed. It was a REAL mess before.
  11. Tips and criticism welcome.
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