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  1. Pats Rubber Legs hook size 8 nymph 3x long legs larva lace super floss light brown body fly fish food stonefly chenille black underbody lead free wire
  2. A friend of mine is thinking about buying a Outlaw 8'6" 4 wt and was asking my opinion about it. They look nice but that's pretty much all I know about them. Are any of you familiar with this brand?
  3. I know, that's another one.
  4. Even fresh water has silt in it! Thanks for the input!
  5. Why do people drop their reel in the water when posing for a fish pic? Is this the "cool" thing to do? Or do they just not take care of their gear?
  6. I use craft foam marshmallows and craft foam sheets. I secure the foam to dremel by running a nail through the foam and put the nail in the dremel. I used the sheets on these.
  7. It's really not that messy. By making them myself I can make any size and style that I want. It would cost a small fortune to keep all of those on hand if I bought them. Plus I make some that are rather large that ma be hard to find. Plus I enjoy the process.
  8. No problem. I didn't know it wasn't working. I'm 41 and just got my first smart phone. Just learning how to use it and feeling old.😁😁
  9. Turning a foam popper head on a dremel.
  10. Hook size 4 Gamakatsu B10s tail and collar strung saddle hackle body craft foam marshmallow eyes 3d eyes
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